Product Photographer Matt Jebbia Hydrate for Life!

Posted on January 8, 2013

Product Photographer Matt Jebbia puts his creative skills to use by breathing life into an ordinary subject.  Utilizing water to help add drama and movement brings this image to life.  Read below for a few words on this shoot by photographer Matt Jebbia.

Working with glass objects is probably one of my favorite products to work with.  That combined with water just always seems to enhance an image and bring the subject to life.  I planned the image out in my mind and on paper but it wasn’t until I assisted Studio3 photographer Craig Wagner on a Nixon watch photo shoot incorporating splash photography that I was able to create this image exactly the way I had envisioned.  In a previous blog post we mentioned a shoot that Craig Wagner and I participated in utilizing the Broncolor Scoro S power packs.  We suspended objects in a water tank and dropped objects into a water tank and captured splash images.  Before striking that set I decided it was my time to finish this image the way I had planned.

Product Photographer  — Studio 3, Inc.

I suspended the Dior Hydra-life product from a piece of round plexi into the 33 gallon tank upside down. I know in previous attempts that dropping an object like this into water is a time consuming adventure so I decided for this image to suspend it.  I really only wanted the object to have nice lighting and the real splash came when I removed the Dior bottle and went to work on the perfect water ripple.

To get the perfect water ripple we used a small eyedropper and a cup full of water.  I did several takes but as it works out sometimes the perfect shot is usually the first.  When our digital team and I began working on the retouching I thought something was just missing from the final image.  So I asked our Digital Artist Alex to create a droplet of water suspended and falling off the side of the Dior bottle.  I think with that addition it brought the whole image together.  – Matt Jebbia

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