Portrait Photography – Business Skydiver

Posted on May 19, 2015

business skydiver portrait photography studio 3  — Studio 3, Inc.

Entrusting your visuals to Studio 3 is forging a partnership with us where we plan and execute your project down to the smallest detail. We prepare for every possible contingency and never drop the ball. Every piece of the puzzle fits, because WE Check It multiple times before takeoff.

Just like this fun portrait shoot of an employee with an adrenaline-inducing hobby, Studio 3 takes care of every step, every prop, every piece of equipment, every model, every production logistic along the way. Skydivers check their life-saving gear religiously and pack the parachutes in the exact same way each time before the final jump, all in order to ensure perfect expansion once in the air. Studio 3 checks the shot list, scheduling, prop list, lighting, and equipment as many times as is necessary to ensure smooth execution. Once set up, on set we check the photo multiple times in-camera and on a larger screen to make sure every wrinkle, every line, every highlight, and every shadow is aesthetically pleasing and fits with the overall story. In this case, photographer Jonny Brandt worked with the model extensively to create just the right tangle of parachute cords and billows of fabric (which is quite difficult to do with a parachute that is meant to NEVER tangle!) and the exact angle of his arm checking his altimeter as if checking the time.

So what time is it? It’s time to call Studio 3, Inc. – and see how much effort we put into checking, and RE-checking, all aspects of your shoot to make sure it is smooth, stays on budget, and is executed on time. Check us out here.



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