Tattooed arms scooping mac n cheese rustic food in a frying pan, wooden table with beer
Chocolates showing inside mallow filling and cookie crust layers
Fresh caramelized fig leafy green salad with blue cheese
Stack of blueberry pancakes with syrup and butter dripping
Affrogato Italian ice cream coffee dessert in martini glass with wafer cookie
Close up of pasta chef's hands making fresh noodles with flour
Tossing food ingredients in frying pan on the stove, boiling pots in the background for Northwest Palate Magazine
Sink in kitchen full of dirty dishes, mugs, and wine glasses after Thanksgiving


Pictures never tasted so delicious. With meticulous attention to the details of texture, color, and lighting, Studio 3’s professional food photographers capture the essence of an entreé. Specialized stylists, production coordinators, and digital artists combine their talents to let your dish express all of its delicious colors.