Studio 3, Inc. sets the standard for commercial photography and videography with studios in the shadow of the Seattle Space Needle and the quirky Eastside of Portland. We excel at product, food & drink, footwear, lifestyle, vehicle and technology photography and video. We have creative expertise in our retouching & digital art department and work to G7 color standards.

Meet our Photographers, Digital Artists, Video Directors and Production Wizards here, then drop us a line to inquire about your next photography or video project. Life is full of risks; don’t make visual assets one of them.


Christmas of 8th Grade I received my first camera. I began shooting everything I could that interested me – models (trains of course), tropical fish, and my friends mostly. My high school offered photo classes and It wasn’t long before I was entering the occasional photo competition. Cameras were expensive, so to afford the good stuff I imported directly from the big names such as Nikon. I eventually shot several astronauts, Ronald Reagan, and President Johnson. In college, I aspired to shoot for Life Magazine and took a job with the Vancouver, WA Columbian. Not much for being told what to do I quickly moved past Photojournalism. During this transitional period, I shot Bobby Kennedy, Miles Davis, and Timothy Leary, which segued into being a rock promotor of the likes of B.B. King, The Doors, and The Grateful Dead just to name a few. This lifestyle soon took hold, and College no longer held any sway over me. After owning a few different businesses including a still-surviving ad agency and a waterbed company I decided the only thing that really interested me was professional photography. I convinced two high school friends of mine into sharing a studio space with me and figured “Bash, Felt, and Ngan” was no way to answer the phone, and thus Studio 3 was born.


I’m a native of Portland, OR and grew up in Ladd’s Addition. My dad was a cook and so that’s why I’m inspired by the culinary arts. And my other obsession is travel and photography. I’ve been to many places but Italy tops the list along with the Philippines, and locally Vancouver, Canada, a true melting pot of cultures. Travel not only allows me to enjoy food from various regions but stimulate my mind to see and do everything another way. I fix things. Have always been a tinkerer ever since childhood. Wired the garage at age of 12. I attended a very technical high school and learned the trades. My favorite class was Electron Theory. And so, I’m blessed with this left brain right brain thing. I’m a problem solver. I can take an idea and figure out how to make it happen. Lastly, I enjoy photographing industrial stuff because I understand and appreciate the subject and try to illuminate its qualities artistically.


My love of photography began “in the closet” with a foil-lined shoebox, toilet paper tubes, and a 60-watt light bulb. After nearly catching the shoebox on fire, my mother suggested that the experiment move to the basement. Everything I did from that point forward involved some kind of photography. My Kodak Brownie was used through many a trial-and-error, from shooting tropical fish to making copies of my Sports Illustrated (before the swimsuit issue). After I took a photography class in high school, it was obvious that photography was something I loved. So my dad took me to Sandy’s at Lloyd Center and we purchased my first real camera – a Mamiya Sekor 500dtl 35mm. The agreement was to repay him by mowing lawns and other odd jobs around the neighborhood; however, I started shooting sporting events at school for the local newspaper. They paid $7 per shot with the caption. Before I knew it, I had earned enough money to pay my dad back. I’ve been earning my living that way ever since and enjoying every minute of it. My inspiration currently comes from my beautiful daughter, Sydney, and her relaxed approach to creating images. It’s my turn to learn something from her.


The challenge of creating fun and exciting images continues to excite me on a daily basis. I love to take everyday items or products and let the viewer see them in a new and interesting way, making plain items look stunning and beautiful. My idea of fun is to show people a different way to see, drawing the viewer in and stimulating their senses. Using my fine art background in my commercial work helps to keep my photography striking, graphic and bold. My interest and constant exposure to other cultures and arts keep my images new and fresh. Speaking of fresh, my passion for food is what makes my food photography so Yummy. I have always loved food; from growing it, picking it, to cooking it, I Love food! This shows in my photography, I believe it is what makes me an excellent photographer. It is a pleasure to be involved with a team of people that are as excited as I am making exciting images.


I just always wanted to be the guy holding the camera, like the lucky kleptomaniac stealing moments from the endless stream. The mechanics of the camera and light, the variety of approaches and the outcome of a single striking image all pulled from the mind through collaboration and vision, I always felt like I was getting away with something grand. What we’re lucky enough to make as photographers is used not just to represent but to excite, reinforce or change the way we see and remember people, places and things. I’ve been shooting now for more than a decade spending time in the deserts of Afghanistan to Timbers Stadium in Portland, to the clean rooms of HP and Intel. You’ll find me with a camera or drone in hand smiling like a criminal, always feeling like I’m the luckiest guy in the world.


After an epic six-month cross-country trip, Portland glistened as the best city to be a creative, foodie, and an adventure seeker. I set out to put my Arts Management major to good use, harnessing the depth of creative energy that buzzes beneath PNW. You can often find me dancing at the coffee machine, with a phone in one hand and a list in the other. A true extrovert, I love people and I am quick to pick up a conversation with just about anyone. When I am not in the office, I am in the great outdoors. Hiking, biking, and exploring the wonderful world in which we live. If we haven’t already met, give us a call! I would love to hear about your creative dreams, or even just what Netflix shows you are watching.


Lucio was born into a first generation Italian-American household, where art and music were ever-present parts of life. The notes of a song or stroke of a paintbrush were rarely beyond the awareness of his six senses. Following a fairly aimless yet fruitful 4 years at Ithaca College, Lucio took a dead-end and joyless job in a plain industrial complex in New Jersey, not unique amongst thousands of similar ones across this great nation (the job or the complex). But the digital age brought new and exciting things to society and culture and Lucio was not one to miss the boat! Lucio’s mind reeled at the possibilities this digital wonderland teased, and he strove to learn what he could. He graduated from The New School in 2010. From there, Lucio would work as a Retoucher for several companies, including NYC-based 1stdibs and Portland footwear superpower Nike. And after that… well, I guess we all know that Lucio became Digital Artist at Studio 3 in sunny Northeast Portland. And so far so good! Lucio is enjoying his time working on fantastic images with fantastic people and looks forward to many more days of making beautiful things appear before your very eyes.


I am an island girl in the digital world. Originally from Maui, Hawaii where I was born and raised, I have quickly fallen in love the downtown city life that Portland has to offer. I’ve always loved being around photography and videography. Catch a glimpse of me on a Netflix show as an extra, or on the cover of Maui No Ka Oi magazine. I have followed my passion for creating and training in SMM, SEO and Digital Marketing to join the team at Studio 3, Inc. With an ear to the ground and both hands on the keyboard, I fill my day curating content, writing blogs, and rolling up my sleeves to dig into the data. I wouldn’t call myself a creature of habit per se but instead a creature of content. To unwind I love to run or curl up with a good book. When you stop by Studio 3, Inc., give me a book recommendation and a favorite trail run in the area. Until then…