Whimsical lifestyle shot of woman's hand covering dog bone in cotton candy at concession cart while beagle and dog watch
Vintage women's Levi's 1970 Trucker denim jacket on the driver's seat of a 1976 Chevy Cheyenne truck
Reflection in red surface of HotelMax lobby, globe lights and desk attendant
Smiling girl riding bike with Starbucks coffee cups in wire basket
Cheering family in white on sofa with young girl holding Wii controller on board and playing Nintendo Wii Fit
Bartender at bar shaking a cocktail shaker, liquor bottles in background at restaurant location
Skydiver in business suit looking at altimeter as if it is a watch
Construction worker pointing next to truck flatbed with crates and pallets on street location
LaCrosse fisherman throwing buoy into ocean, nets on boat on open water
Two male architects looking at blueprints in hall of architecture building
Close up of two men reading construction plans and blueprints in headlight of car
LaCrosse man welding at construction site with arc welder, sparks, iron bolts
Man in construction suit standing with lunch bucket at Port of Seattle, rig and tower in background
Woman sitting on dryer at coin laundry on location at laundromat
Runner in orange coat running on street in urban city landscape
Woman fixing spokes of bicycle wheel at Sugar Wheel Works
3-up of two similing men on a road trip sitting in yellow van, drinking soda, close up of Sperry Topsider shoes
Rich woman's hands with expensive Chanel jewelry dropping liquid marijuana into baby bottle
Girl dancing on table on location at the Unicorn bar, her friends watching, holding cocktails
3-up of couple laughing on location at cupcake shop, eating cupcake desserts, friendly
3-up of three girl friends drinking Coca-Cola soda, clinking bottles, happy
3-up of smiling dad and teenage son playing football, talking sitting in the fall leaves
Couple at coffee shop on location using Apple iPad tablet
Woman wearing business suit in yoga lotus pose, on desk while looking at Apple MacBook laptop
Woman at office in evening smiling and working on Microsoft Surface tablet
Student on bench utside using Intel-powered tablet
Three United States Army men in fatigues training for combat in the field with rifles, for Leatherman
Fist punching water showing the waterproof qualities of Polartec fabrics


Studio 3 focuses on your product’s narrative in a natural, realistic setting. We will memorize your moodboards and deliver to your specifications. You will get that alluring intimacy for which our lifestyle photography is famous.