Birds eye view of Italian cruise ship ocean liner as it sails on the sea waves
Overhead shot of swimmer using Marquis Spas ATV swim spa pool
Blue interior of library with grid architecture ceiling and red chairs
Hotel Max lobby with male attendant at front desk, wood floor, artwork
Seating chairs and coffee table at Hotel Max lobby location
Long shot of The Robertson Tunnel Max transit underground rail, commuter people on platform
Outside daytime shot of eco-friendly environmental rooftop garden low-impact business
Night image of Hotel Bar neon sign lights
Pilot walking to airplane up ramp, silhouette against sunrise
Banner Bank skyscraper building entrance in the city
Interior of building lobby with ceiling lighting perspective, art deco style
People riding bumper cars at the fair wearing fun Darth Vader masks
Interior of Clarklewis restaurant tables with water carafes and glasses
Bonneville wind energy turbines in rural landscape on location
Interior of Asian inspired bathroom showroom, designer sinks and tub
On location with three coal miners underground tunnel, shining flashlight in darkness
IBM lab with server technology room and conference room
Worker pouring red wine into funnel in barrel cask at White Rose Estate Winery & Vineyard
Autumn fields around Mill on a country road landscape
STASH Tea sign above Mississippi Avenue Portland Retail Store & Tea Bar street location
3-up of roasting coffee beans process in commercial drum
Night shot of Italian resturant outdoor seating cafe area in low light

Live. Work. Play

Whether it’s an on-location shoot in the rugged outdoors or the urban city scape , Studio 3 will load our Mystery Van with equipment and arrive wherever and whenever you ask. Highly experienced at shooting in the field, we’ll have permits pulled, streets blocked, lunch ordered, props, tents, and wardrobes ready. Relax all other riddles will be solved before the break of dawn.