Business man tied up in technology cords and wires in tech hell
Close up of Jawbone Jambox wireless bluetooth speaker
LaCie hard drive on desk with Apple MacBook Pro laptop tech
Couple in moody coffee shop smiling and looking at iPad technology together
Google chromecast streaming media player on green VHS tape surrounded by old video tapes
Google chromecast streaming media player surrounded by old DVD discs
Galaxy Samsung Tablet technology colorful home screen on black
Black iPad tech tablet on black background
Vonage VoIP Modem on white with reflections
Black iPad tech tablet on black background
IBM lab with server technology room and conference room
Intel computer chip technology rainbow close up
Radisys computer technology circuit board close up
InFocus projector Screenplay technology close up of lens
Close up of Wickizer circuit board technology with skull shaped circuit
Netgear router technology backlit with LED lights
White Celestica lab with tech workers in action
Radisys server technology insert and internal circuitry wiring
Intel computer technology, fan, and wiring close up
Close up of Helicon motherboard technology and circuits
Nokia Lumina, Windows, and Samsung phones tech in 3 colorways
Samsung monitor, Nokia phone, Windows tablet, and Microsoft Office 365 software box
Close up of Corsair DDR3 memory components technology upgrade on circuit board for computer hard drive
Galaxy Samsung Tablet on desk with keyboard and coffee, tabletop technology vignette
Gold POP phone handset attached to iPhone on desk: Studio 3 means serious business!

Dots & Coms

Studio 3 keeps pace with these digital times, photographing technology in all its many forms. Electronics, iDevices, and computers oh my! Keep your clients buzzing and your photography on the cutting edge with our media partnership and tech-savvy eye.