ASMP Seminar: Blake Discher

Posted on April 20, 2012

We are still buzzing here at Studio 3 after hosting last night’s ASMP seminar No More Grumbling – Get Out There! by Detroit photographer and National ASMP board member, Blake Discher. We love having the ASMP in studio, especially when it’s a conversation we so firmly believe in: getting photographers work seen & how to protect yourself once you are hired. All in all it was a great talk and fun party.

The seminar featured topics, such as:

  • How to “work a room”
  • Positioning yourself to be successful
  • The reasons photographers fail
  • Starting an Accountability Group
  • Learn the value in aspiring to be second
  • Overcoming the fear of the sales process
  • Celebrate Effort not just Victory
  • Learn what it means to be a professional in sales
ASMP  — Studio 3, Inc.

Blake Discher at Studio 3

Blake presented an inspiring look at the value of overcoming your fear of the sales process and how to succeed as a photographer by celebrating effort over victory. It was refreshing for the audience to hear that a win isn’t the end all be all. It was also an important message of never releasing raw files, nor should you be contracted as work for hire. Your work is your work and the ASMP strongly upholds the value that photographers/image creators hold on to the original copyright. Blake nailed the idea home, by presenting the pros and cons of both.

ASMP  — Studio 3, Inc.

Blake Discher presenting to the Oregon chapter of ASMP

ASMP  — Studio 3, Inc.

Blake taking questions from the audience!

The ASMP did nothing short but deliver a great presentation. Blake was a success and had great advice that any photographer should consider. Blake Discher is a photographer specializing in people with his studio in Detroit. He has a long list of clients and is continuously growing his client base.


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