Creating Visual Solutions: One Strap At A Time!

Posted on June 18, 2012

Studio 3 loves shooting product, what we love even more is partnering with local companies to help their visual concepts come to life. Recently, we had the chance to shoot the photography for a camera strap company. This was no ordinary photo shoot, David Bell and Craig Wagner had the fun task of reshooting their entire product line. They definitely had a blast working with the client by helping create their vision; styling straps to look as if they were on invisible bodies, accessorizing them, and making every feature noticeable. It’s rare that such a fun partnership comes along, but when it does the shoot ends with everyone feeling extremely accomplished and excited about the future possibilities. Photographers, David Bell and Craig Wagner, took this project in stride. Craig Wagner’s ability to create visual solutions are described in his own words:

This shoot was extremely challenging, David and I were using numerous skills to get the perfect shot, it seemed as if we were more like puppeteers creating realistic suspending products, that appeared to be wrapped around an invisible body. In order to meet the challenge we used such supplies as armature wire and monofilament to create the perfect visual. It was definitely a time in which we both had to step up and rise to a challenge that we embraced! Challenging shoots are definitely something I live for and never fear. I think it’s the challenges that make shooting unique and exciting with each new project!

View these two photographers handiwork below:

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