Studio 3 Films highlights The Spike Puller!

Posted on September 25, 2012

Studio 3 Films is so excited to partner with Stanley Hydraulic Tools, headquartered in Portland, Oregon to highlight their newest product release through a dynamic Studio 3 video! Check out the video above and stay tuned for more to come! For a little bit of insight into this video shoot check out words from our Director of Video Production, David King.

Stanley Hydraulics is introducing a line of new railroad tools over then next few months and they came to us to create a video to introduce the first one, the SPL-31 Spike Puller. To compound the challenge, we were on a very tight deadline. The job was awarded on a Tuesday and due to railroad track availability, we had to shoot the entire spot just two days later. On top of that, the video was to be presented to the executives a week after that. A quick concept meeting with our client and a late night storyboard session later, we were ready to shoot.

We began the day at the BNSF train yard in Vancouver, Washington and had to get twenty-four shots off in a little under 3 hours. Thanks to the professionalism of the rail crew and our efficient planning, we made it with a few minutes to spare. From there we were off to our studio to get the product beauty shots. Utilizing our large turntable to spin the SPL-31 under some dramatic lighting, we got all we needed to put together a compelling, informative and entertaining video.

In post-production, we wanted an intro to the video that would immediately grab the viewers attention. Continuing with the railroad theme, we used a stock image of a rail car and animated the Stanley logo being punched into the metal, using Adobe After Effects. This bit of animation could then easily be used for future product videos by simply changing out the product logos.

The video was completed with some driving music and a powerful voiceover, giving it the industrial feel that Stanley Hydraulic tools is known for, throughout the industry.

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