Product Photographer Chris Eltrich Adding Drama to Center Court

Posted on December 6, 2012

We recently have been having tons of fun with shoes, and Product Photographer Chris Eltrich is no exception. His newest images are showcasing the fantastically shiny Air Jordans, that would make anyone want to be a basketball player. In usual Chris fashion, he was concerned about highlighting the shoe and keeping things simple. He describes this shoot in his own words:

I wanted to shoot a pair of shoes in a simple setup with minimal propping, so I was on the lookout for a pair that had cool textures. I found this pair of Nikes and knew I had found something special. Their tops were made out of a gloss black material with a grid pattern and red accents, and the side details had a contrasting solid red with a Jordan logo. Pair of shoes with sick textures, check! Do we put those shoes on white and call it a day? No! Of course not! We rent out Key Arena and put them on genuine basketball court! Wait… Wait… I’m being told that’s too expensive. Oh….. Um, I guess we fake it? Yes! Faking it, just as good!

So we’ve got a pair of sick shoes and our “Genuine” basketball playing surface, so now we’re ready to photograph them. I wanted the shoes to live in a little pool of light on this “court,” so I blocked most of the light off the background. I wanted the focus to be on the differing textures. both textures lit up nicely, especially the smooth red portion. It took on a milky quality that looked really good. I added a couple of accent lights to make sure the sides didn’t bleed into the dark background, and that was about it.

Stay tuned for more shots of these Air Jordans, as Chris has more to come.

Product Photographer  — Studio 3, Inc.



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