Technology Photographer Henry Ngan Up Close and Personal!

Posted on January 15, 2013

Tech-Guru and Photographer Henry Ngan takes us on a micro journey into the inner workings of an Intel board.  If you have ever wondered what runs the high processing computer systems of today check out these beautiful images.  Read on for a few words from Henry on this tech savvy shoot and yes we call him the Technology Photographer here at Studio 3!

 If you look at this internal computer hardware in ordinary light, it would look very industrial and a little on the rough side like maybe an uncut diamond. So my inspiration was to make this motherboard look more like polished jewelry basking in really nice golden light.

Technology Photographer  — Studio 3, Inc.

The other image was more Star Wars like in cool light. I had to handle the board and attached components very carefully guarding against static charges which would render the product useless. There were only 2 light sources used but the lighting was expanded in many directions using lots of reflectors of different sorts and mirrors. This was shot with a Canon 5D MkIII camera with a 100mm lens and some depth of field optimizing software.

Technology Photographer  — Studio 3, Inc.

On board the DQ77MK is Intel’s 3rd Generation Core i5 3570K unlocked, based on the 22nm Ivy Bridge Architecture.  The 3570K seems to be the gamer and over clocker’s choice at the moment.  So I decided to capture this Intergalactic Battleship with the 3570K mounted in the LGA1155 socket cruising overhead in the night sky. The other image of the Q77 chipset board shows off the amazing array of input/output headers, including SuperSpeed USB 3.0, high power USB, dual Intel Pro 1000 NICs, DVI-I plus DVI-D, eSATA, and even legacy support for IEEE1394 (firewire).  The board is actually more of a mainstream business board with support for Intel vPro Technology.  The i7 3770K is also supported on this board if you need HT for video editing.  Sorry for geeking out but this is what goes through my mind when I’m shooting technology. – Henry Ngan

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