Film Director David King What a beautiful campus!

Posted on April 5, 2013

One of our favorite places to visit and shoot, is the beautiful campus of Washington State University, Vancouver. The scenic views from the campus’ hilltop location are breathtaking and change dramatically through out the seasons. Our crew visited the campus again for our second video collaboration with WUSV’s marketing department. Here are a few words from our Film Director David King.

For the second video in our series for Washington State University Vancouver, we were asked to help the university highlight how “non-traditional” students thrive at the Vancouver campus. With an enrollment of just over three thousand students, an average class size of twenty, and a student to faculty ratio of 1:14, WSUV truly caters to the student that is serious about furthering their education without sacrificing the whole university experience.

For this video, we directed our focus at transfer students, students that have families, those that hold down jobs outside of school, and those that are looking for help with financial aid. We spent the day on campus, interviewing five students with very diverse backgrounds and career aspirations. The common thread for each of them was how easy it was to be a student at Washington State University Vancouver while working and in some cases, raising a family. It was great to hear them talk about what makes Washington State University Vancouver so special.

We were able to utilize some of the scenic footage we captured on our earlier visit in the fall, before school had started for the year, as well as shooting some new footage with the campus bustling with student activity. The video ultimately ended up on the WSUV website and is viewed often by prospective students who may be looking for a university that will fit their unique circumstance.

Check it out here, or visit the WSUV website at

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