Commericial Photographer: Jim Felt talks about creativity!

Posted on June 27, 2013

A few words from Jim Felt – The guy who thought of our name!*

Solving someone insurmountable creative visual opportunity is one of my passions and one of the main reasons for starting Studio 3, Inc. My love for the Art of Commercial Photography and Technology has not only been broadened and deepened by the advent of Digital, but it allows us even more creative solutions then ever before.

In the Analog era we couldn’t capture certain visual assets purely due to costs. Digital has allowed us to travel to places without ever stepping foot at the location. For instance currently you couldn’t be at the Washington Monument, you can no longer park in front of the Alamo, and you are not granted the same access to the Portland Airport due to our 911 era of security. I am excited about our creative future and thrilled with where the digital road will lead us. I was searching online and found this list on creativity and thought our blog would be a great venue to share!

Keep creating and carry on!

1. Make Lists

2. Carry A Notebook Everywhere

3. Try Free Writing

4. Get Away From The Computer

5. Be Otherworldly

6. Quit Beating Yourself Up

7. Take Breaks

8. Sing in the Shower

9. Drink Coffee/Tea

10. Know Your Roots

11. Listen To New Music

12. Be Open

13. Surround Yourself With Creative People

14. Get Feedback

15. Collaborate

16. Don’t Give Up

17. Practice, Practice, Practice

18. Allow Yourself To Make Mistakes

19. Go Somewhere New

20. Watch Foreign Films

21. Count Your Blessings

22. Get Lots Of Rest

23. Take Risks

24. Break The Rules

25. Do More Of What Makes You Happy

26. Don’t Force It

27. Read A Page Of The Dictionary

28. Create A Framework

29. Stop Trying To Be Someone Else’s Perfect

30. Got An Idea? Write It Down

31. Clean Your Workspace

32. Have Fun

33. Finish Something

* Studio 3, Inc. was a lot better then “Felt, Bash, Ngan”. Don’t you think?

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