Once upon a time..

Posted on March 18, 2014

Once upon a time, believe it or not; everything wasn’t touch screen – actually there were no computer screens. There were keyboards that physically printed what you typed, ink involved in every word, and a bit of old class before the smooth cutting edge of technology took over the world. Introducing the vintage typewriter! In watching the recent Oscars Award Show, we were taken away by one of the sets background that was decorated with over 100 vintage typewriters. It was so simple, fitting, and brilliant. Placed behind presenting and award winning celebrities, it stood as a star on its own. The Typewriter Talk Blog shares with us a few snapshots of Robert DeNiro and Penelope Cruz presenting an award with the typewriter set decorating the stage behind them.

Luckily, Liz, our Producing Whiz, rambled through her box of vintage goodies and found her chic turquoise vintage Smith Corona Typewriter that had collected dust and needed it’s time to shine again. So we snatched that beauty and put it in the spotlight.

Typewriter test  — Studio 3, Inc.

Here’s how to score your very own vintage typewriter! Have a little fun with it, use it as a beautiful backdrop like the Oscar’s, set up a clever photo shoot, or make sweet sweet music like Martin Breinschmid!

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