Happy Hour with Eastside Distilling

Posted on April 8, 2014

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right? Well it sure is here at Studio 3! Join us for a glass (or two) with Eastside Distilling! Introducing their newest flavor, the sweet and delicious Marionberry Whiskey — made with Real Oregon Marionberries!

A review of the new liquor from Willamette Week’s Matthew Korfhage mentions “…it does not cloy, and the flavor maintains just enough complexity that it cries out for curdy after-dinner cheese and grassy tobacco to stuff into a pipe. Holy shit: It’s exactly what Hobbits would drink. We would too. Recommended.”  

Studio 3’s review: “Yes. More please.”

Our very own Director of Video Production, David King, makes our mouths water with this classic and cheerful 30-second clip of this tasty treat.

Eastside ProdStills 039  — Studio 3, Inc.

Thanks to Koerner Camera Systems for lending us the P+S Technik Skater Mini Camera Dolly, David was able to match the smooth transitions and angles of this clip with the smooth taste of the drink. Notice in the video how we made it rain? Yea, we do that. Here you see Lead Photographer Craig Wagner assisting David by filling a developing tray that we spray-painted black, with water. This gives off the mirroring infinity pool look. With the brown wood backdrop, and glossy tabletop finish, we have a classic polished clip of tabletop cinematography.

Eastside ProdStills 032  — Studio 3, Inc.image  — Studio 3, Inc. Eastside ProdStills 068  — Studio 3, Inc.

Studio 3’s teamwork did it again. Thanks to David King’s vision and assistance from Craig Wagner and Jonny Brandt, we were able to produce a classic clip of fine drink. We’re sure that the drink on-set helped them feel a bit more inspired and “spirited” 😉 As always, great job boys!

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