Ciaran Green: Our Newest Team Member!

Posted on April 23, 2014

Always excited to add great talent to the team, we’re proud to introduce our new addition: Digital Artist Ciaran Green. Read about his rock’n journey all over the world and how it ultimately led him to Studio 3!

Ciaran Portrait 037 sm  — Studio 3, Inc.

“It is a very exciting thing for me to reflect on how I have become the newest digital artist at Studio 3. I grew up in the great Northwest and always had a strong passion for the creative arts. As a child, I would often find sketching and painting far more compelling than school work. By the time I was in high school, all my elective courses were art classes. I would draw, sculpt, build, and paint when I wasn’t sitting in math class or playing soccer.

I graduated high school with an art scholarship and decided to attend Portland State University as a Fine Arts Major. After a few years in the city, my sense of adventure kicked in and I moved to Tucson, Arizona with my brother. At that time, poetry and music peeked my interest. I traveled slowly through California and made my way back up to Portland where I started a band with some friends. We played in venues throughout the west coast and I bartended to help fund the process, but ultimately, finishing school and returning to the visual arts is what I really wanted to do.

This led me to the decision to move up to Seattle and concentrate on my education once again. I attended the Art Institute with the notion that if I wanted to be an artist moving forward, I needed to dive into the digital realm. I graduated with honors receiving my Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts and Animation. Shortly after that, I began to work in Seattle with a photography company that wanted to incorporate computer graphics to help composite photo-realistic images and create animation. For five years, I became a 3D generalist and gained valuable experience in all things digital art related. I recently moved back to Portland after some extensive traveling to Mexico, Ireland, Thailand, and Laos. I feel very fortunate to begin working in the creative professional environment again with such a fantastic company. Thank you Studio 3 for this excellent opportunity.”


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