Animal Photography for A Good Cause

Posted on December 17, 2009

Studio 3 teamed up with the Oregon Humane Society to shoot some fun animal photography for the 2009 OHS Magazine cover and inserts. Every year we love volunteering our services to help these animals in need. Henry Ngan’s beautiful photography helped the Oregon Humane Society more than double their holiday donations. Read below to see how Henry tamed these animals and snapped nothing short of adorable animal photography.

Animal Photography  — Studio 3, Inc.

It’s always fun to shoot for the Oregon Humane Society, especially when they bring over those cute kittens.Everyone in the studio gets involved.We decided to take the glamour approach by incorporating Hollywood lighting.With kittens it’s of course hit and miss.Some won’t last a second on the set.You may only end up with one star that will pose for you and follow instruction.I was inspired by how Hollywood stars were photographed and lit in the ’30 and ’40s.  So I took this approach and lit the subject with a strong key light, to create majestic animal photography for the holiday cover.  I had to shoot fast and also be able to freeze motion. In order to get the exact effect I was looking for, I approached Pro Photo Supply and Rob Layman and got a hold of a high speed Canon camera and some Elinchrom lighting to do the job.We tried various tricks to get the cat’s attention:Dangling bird feathers from a fish line in front of the feline seems to work best.I found it was just a matter of time and patience. No matter what, I always get the necessary shot.  n this case, there was a lot of chasing and cajoling and a bit of catnip to entice the subject into submission, in the end I got exactly what I wanted.Job done. Except…then it is time to dive up the kittens and see who wants to take one home. Unfortunately, I only had a fish tank at home, not a good idea. But, being with the studio I have enjoyed volunteering to create great animal photography for the cover photo of Oregon Humane Society Magazine for many years now and look forward to the years to come.

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