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Our Process: From Start To Finish With Studio 3

Posted on October 1, 2018


DA 15622DT Lexus Fish DA 1500  — Studio 3, Inc.

When Studio 3 begins a photography or branding project, our first step is to sit down with the client and dream up ideas. Collaborating on a concept might involve a handful of approaches, depending on the project at hand – anything from examining examples of similar work, creative brainstorming with our in-house team, and establishing a shared visual language using Style Guides, Mood Boards, or Pinterest. Below you can see an example of what a typical brainstorming session looks like at Studio 3.

IMG 5522  — Studio 3, Inc.Once an idea is hatched, our Producer-Extraordinaire Eva Goldfarb kicks it into high-gear – scheduling stylists, organizing set builds, balancing budgets, and handling any propping/costuming as needed. This work frees up our clients and photographers to stay in a creative mindset, and not get caught up in the operational details of the project.
15611T Tea Test  — Studio 3, Inc.Onto the shoot! Photographer Craig Wagner is among the best photographers in the Northwest – and has been with the studio since the early days. Forever perfecting his craft, Craig does what it takes to get the perfect shot – even if it means inventing a new piece of equipment specifically for the shoot at hand.   

15463 Production Stills 029  — Studio 3, Inc.
We have a good time on set

 DSC0489  — Studio 3, Inc.Lastly, our Digital Team steps in and works their magic.  The processes of Color Grading and Digital Retouching are extremely intricate – just ask Sean Yates, one of our in-house Graphic Artists:

Screen Shot 2018 10 01 at 12.57.56 PM  — Studio 3, Inc.

“Color and clarity are of central importance when retouching images. …We always strive for and deliver accurate color.”

In reality, the Digital Team does a lot more than just retouching:

pjimage copy  — Studio 3, Inc.


Finished product:

CW LanternMoon CL 1500  — Studio 3, Inc.

And that’s not the end! Studio 3 partners with the same clients year after year because they love the end result, and appreciate the creative relationships formed. We take the utmost pride in these collaborations and are always striving to bring something new and exciting to the table for the next shoot. Give us a call today, and find out how Studio 3 can help elevate your brand with the coolest+catchiest photography in the Pacific Northwest.


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Pick Up The Phone!

Posted on July 8, 2014

Stressed about your company’s visual needs? Would you rather spend time having fun in the sun? Let Studio 3 ease your mind this summer. We’ve been smashing out countless videos back to back, while continuously providing outstanding photography and flawless production. Oh, did we also mention that our digital team is amaze balls? Trust us, you don’t want to be the only tanless, overworked one at the company party because you didn’t know about Studio 3. Save the embarrassment of all the “are you kidding me?” looks. We’ll make sure you meet that crazy deadline. There’s no reason to miss out on all the perks of working with Studio 3. And no reason to keep on reading, you’re wasting precious beach time – make a Pina Colada, and start dialing!! Make that golden phone call!!!

CW 15086T Pop phone PR 1500  — Studio 3, Inc.

And to make it that much easier, if you didn’t have our number yet, here ya go:

Portland Studio 503.238.1748, ask for Dalcetta

Seattle Studio 206.282.0939, ask for Marcella



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Studio 3 Films Video Production Case Study The Business Overview

Posted on July 10, 2012

As media shifts to the internet, today’s consumer is spending more time in a virtual world, where it’s all about images and video content. So when somebody wants to learn about your business, they go through social media channels and click “Play”. Video is the best way to showcase who you are, what you do and how you do it. It’s the new mission statement.

When Jude Kirstein, owner and founder of Sugar Wheel Works, came to us with the desire to reach out to her client base in a new way we knew that creating a business overview through video was the perfect solution. We met with Jude and saw her studio space, outlined some ideas on paper and really tried to find a way to connect her personality with her business and her client community at large. Studio 3 Films brings you our latest Video Production and some insight from Video Director, David King, on the process of creating this dynamic project:

Our first step in putting together the video for Sugar Wheel Works was to find out from Jude what she wanted to accomplish by having a video. Two weeks before shooting, we sat down with her at her studio and got to know her. Sure we wanted to know what she did and what made Sugar Wheel Works stand out from the competition, but more importantly we wanted to know what her business meant to her and what story she had to tell. A simple video showing the inside of her shop and explaining the nuts and bolts of wheel building is a commodity; we wanted to help her tell her story so that her customers could get to know the woman behind the wheels.

We brought cinematographer Andy Maser to the project who in turn, brought a ton of action cinematography experience along with his RED Scarlet camera and 12′ jib arm. Hanging the RED out the back of the studio van on the jib got us some great shots of Jude riding and brought a unique style to the video that could not have been achieved with a basic camera rig. We shot the majority of the footage in one day with another day of pick-up shots once editing had begun.

Working alongside Jude, we created a 2.5 minute video and a quick 30 second teaser to get the story of Sugar Wheel Works out to the world. We wanted to show potential customers what to expect when they walk into the shop, give them a feel for meeting with Jude, as well as a little cycling eye candy. Check out the full video above!

To view more Video’s created at Studio 3 Films click here!

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Studio 3 Case Study: Creating an Asset Library

Posted on May 15, 2012

Overused, generic stock photos won’t “WOW” customers. It’s the general consensus heard around town, however they are still a visual solution for many. The question we pose is: if your brand was understood, your need was met, and all within budget, would you leave stock imagery by the wayside? Really, who wants to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars running an ad campaign with a stock image when that same image may be used by your direct competitor?

Lets look at a recent case study that addresses this very issue:

We were approached by a national insurance company who wanted to move away from stock photography in order to have access to their own asset library. Of course, we jumped at the opportunity to work on such a large, forward thinking job.

After sitting down with the client to completely understand their needs, usage, and budget we were on our way to customizing the shoot. One of the main desires acquired was to showcase the craftsmanship of the local Portland community with the end goal of creating extremely diverse imagery, that would be relevant for years to come! Lets break down the numbers for this job…

  — Studio 3, Inc.

The end result was an exciting experience that ended up bringing people together. A couple words from our Producer, Rachel, about working on this project:

In order to make a huge job like this go as smoothly as possible you have to have a few things working in your favor: you have to be able to see the small details at the same time as the overall big picture, be very organized, and have a team that you trust thoroughly! Having good people around you can make even the longest, hardest days fly by. And coffee. Lots of coffee.

The countless hours spent searching for that perfect stock image – eliminated! Check out some of the beautiful images that solved our clients needs.

  — Studio 3, Inc.   — Studio 3, Inc.   — Studio 3, Inc.   — Studio 3, Inc.   — Studio 3, Inc.  — Studio 3, Inc.

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