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Happy Earth Day from Studio 3, Inc.

Posted on April 22, 2019

We not only create green brand campaigns for clients, we live them.

Earth Day is the world’s largest environmental movement, celebrating sustainability, environmental protection, and the green movement across the globe. Today, we celebrate the earthy efforts of our team and clients- highlighting six clients who put their green foot forward.

Working to reduce our ecological footprint our team jogs to work, takes the Tri-met and Metro Transit systems, and runs errands on our bikes.

  — Studio 3, Inc.Studio 3 Team  — Studio 3, Inc.Bike Portland  — Studio 3, Inc.

Many members of our team have adopted an eco-friendly plant-based diet, positively impacting the planet with each meal. Here are a few of our favorite neighborhood eateries: Sudra, the Slice Pizza Company, and Providore.

Meet the Studio 3, Inc Team  — Studio 3, Inc.

Studio 3 Service Day

Each year our team decides on a service day to honor our community and environment. This year we volunteered at the Oregon Food Bank’s Eastside Learning Garden to dig in and work together on seasonal gardening projects. We prepped, weeded, and cleared garden beds to then plant rows of swiss chard. Go, team!

sFVJwrhGR+iZ3BxOSyvU5Q thumb 64e  — Studio 3, Inc.IMG 0464  — Studio 3, Inc.IMG 0454  — Studio 3, Inc.

In alignment with our office values, many of our clients strongly believe in and practice social and environmental responsibility.

Stash Tea reuses and recycles packing materials in their shipping department while investing in renewable energy through the purchase of green power through Portland General Electric.

Have you heard of Ecoroofs?

HN 14645L EnvironServices b SP 2  — Studio 3, Inc.

We captured Portland’s Ecoroof Program for Portland client, Environmental Services. These Ecoroofs replace conventional roofing with a living, breathing vegetated roof system. They save energy, reduce pollution, decrease erosion, and significantly lower stormwater runoff.

Other Studio 3 clients such as Costco, Amazon, Adidas, and Nike do their part to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Costco understands that it has a responsibility to source its products in a way that is respectful to the environment and to the people associated with that environment. Our goal is to help provide a net positive impact for communities in commodity-producing landscapes, by doing our part to help reduce the loss of natural forests and other natural ecosystems, which include native and/or intact grasslands, peatlands, savannas, and wetlands.” – Costco Spokesperson

Amazon has installed rooftop solar on distribution warehouses and has implemented wind and solar farms in Ireland, Switzerland, and the United States.

HN 13826L Bonneville b SP 1500  — Studio 3, Inc.Solar Panel  — Studio 3, Inc.

Adidas recently unveiled Futurecraft Loop, a running shoe that was made to be re-made. Adidas designed the shoe with 100 percent reusable TPU and it’s constructed with no other added chemicals or adhesives.

Nike started a Reuse-a-Shoe program which encourages its customers to recycle their shoes. The program accepts any brand of athletic shoes and grinds them into new sports surfaces. So far, 28 million shoes have been tossed in the shredder box.

We have entered the era of conscious consumerism.

In need of photography or videography for your farm, production, recycling, or shipping methods to demonstrate your eco-friendly side? Studio 3 will capture the greener side of your company. We’ll bring cameras, drones, and herbivorous snacks.

Happy Earth Day from Studio 3, Inc.

  — Studio 3, Inc.

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Polartec Punch

Posted on August 19, 2014


Frank Creative  — Studio 3, Inc.

Talk about making a splash this summer! Studio 3 has been heating up on set- this time with one of our fun and creative clients, Frank’s Garage. The team at Frank’s called us to help them visually illustrate the many qualities and characteristics of Polartec High-Performance Fabrics. The goals for these images were to portray the waterproof protection and breathability of the NeoShell outwear fabric. After the production meeting, photographer, Craig Wagner couldn’t wait to get his hands dirty…or soaked. As always, he came up with a great solution for capturing this fist going through water:

“I knew Broncolor’s Scoro S power packs would provide control of the high flash duration needed to freeze the action without giving up the output needed to capture this image. Our initial approach was to shoot using a H4D-40 Hasselblad and our IR trigger setup, but found that the inconsistent speed of the punching fist didn’t give us the results we were looking for. We switched to our Canon 5D MKIII to take advantage of 6 FPS burst rate. We then made adjustments to the Scoro packs and after a few attempts, the model and I were in sync.”

Many different oils and lotions were tried on the model’s hand to reduce drag and create a smoother looking barrier between the fist and water. In the end, nothing worked better than some good-old fashioned baby oil.

So in the end, with a great concept, extraordinary photography, a fish tank and some baby oil, an image that packed tremendous punch was made. Add some punch to your photography, call us, we can deliver.

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Pick Up The Phone!

Posted on July 8, 2014

Stressed about your company’s visual needs? Would you rather spend time having fun in the sun? Let Studio 3 ease your mind this summer. We’ve been smashing out countless videos back to back, while continuously providing outstanding photography and flawless production. Oh, did we also mention that our digital team is amaze balls? Trust us, you don’t want to be the only tanless, overworked one at the company party because you didn’t know about Studio 3. Save the embarrassment of all the “are you kidding me?” looks. We’ll make sure you meet that crazy deadline. There’s no reason to miss out on all the perks of working with Studio 3. And no reason to keep on reading, you’re wasting precious beach time – make a Pina Colada, and start dialing!! Make that golden phone call!!!

CW 15086T Pop phone PR 1500  — Studio 3, Inc.

And to make it that much easier, if you didn’t have our number yet, here ya go:

Portland Studio 503.238.1748, ask for Dalcetta

Seattle Studio 206.282.0939, ask for Marcella



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Cycle Oregon 2013 with Photographer Henry Ngan!

Posted on July 26, 2013

Once again this year’s Cycle Oregon 2013 weekend ride was an amazing experience both days! The weather could not be more perfect. My brother Ben, sister Betty, nephew Paul Schommer and his uncle Bob of Schommer & Sons were all along for the ride and encouraged me along the way. Ben and wife Julie did their ride on a tandem, Betty and husband Tom rode their own bikes. I personally rode on a custom no name frame outfitted with hand-me-down parts from Ben’s old bike parts.

Cycle Oregon 2013  — Studio 3, Inc.

Someday I may get a Specialized or a Cervelo or a Cannondale but for now this is the perfect bike.

Cycle Oregon 2013  — Studio 3, Inc.

I could have used one lower gear on Sunday’s climb to the north up to the Lewisburg Saddle Trailhead. The rest of the 42 mile ride through a series of rollers was palatable and actually fun. I learned a lot on how to attack the next hill.

Cycle Oregon 2013  — Studio 3, Inc.

Saturday was a picture perfect postcard day through beautiful country roads to the east of Corvallis. Except for a few headwinds, and a swarm of honey bees trying to get back to their hive, it was a blissful 51 miles of fun. Our host, Oregon State University provided really nice facilities and generous hospitality for camping, eating, and entertainment.

Cycle Oregon 2013  — Studio 3, Inc.

The folks from the Bike Gallery provided the technical expertise to make everyone’s bike a perfect riding machine. They adjusted the new chain I purchased at their Hollywood store in Portland. We had live entertainment from Funk Shui (Fri) and Madison Jones (Sat) and a beer garden at the Memorial Union Quad. Everyone came home to the finish line amongst a cheering crowd and ice cream from the Schwan’s catering truck.

For the Studio 3 blog, I captured all these images of the Cycle Oregon 2013 weekend ride using two cameras. Some of the images were captured using my Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The rest were captured using my Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5. These did a great job and kept the weight under control and storage manageable.

Cycle Oregon 2013  — Studio 3, Inc.

Cycle Oregon 2013  — Studio 3, Inc.

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Studio 3 Supports WIC!

Posted on April 19, 2012

We decided it was time to help out one of our favorite government agencies, WIC!

WIC stands for Women, Infants, and Children. WIC is a nationwide program for low-income families that teaches health and nutrition skills through classes and supplemental healthy foods. In 2011, the Oregon WIC Program provided support to 177,827 women, infants, and children.

We did some in-studio product shots and some adorable baby shots too – enjoy!

Photographed by our very own Matt Jebbia!

  — Studio 3, Inc.

  — Studio 3, Inc.


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