Dalcetta Palepale: Our Newest Team Member

Posted on January 3, 2014

We are so excited to introduce you to our newest team member, Dalcetta! She has a pretty crazy, awesome story. Read below to learn more about our new Portland relationship manager:

I love being surrounded by creative energy. Growing up in Honolulu, Hawaii I constantly found myself in a beautiful artistic setting. Whether it be in Hula or Hip Hop dance class, listening to my dad sing, watching my mom weave, sew, and craft things with her bare hands or getting a color just right to paint a portrait of the deep oceans and bright flowers that were everywhere I looked. This moved me to search for a place where I can constantly be inspired.

Moving to Portland, OR several years ago to attend Portland State University, I found a home away from home. Portlandia’s small community in the city vibe intrigued me. Filled with rich history, unique fashion, weird architecture, friendly people and great food, I fell in love.

Living in such a great place I was determined to find a great job. I am a free spirit who also loves hard work and order. Always looking for an environment to inspire and challenge me, I stumbled across this crazy cool place in the heart of Portland called Studio 3. Here I am able to use my surroundings for inspiration and exercise my ideas with a team full of brilliant artistic minds. This team and the impeccable job they do, makes my job easy by having their work speak for itself.

I am beyond excited for the opportunity to be apart of this team and learn more about the Photography, Video Production and Digital Art world. When I’m not bragging about Studio 3’s Videos and Photography Illustrations, you can find me traveling and exploring some place new, dancing to live music, browsing boutiques, painting at home, enjoying a glass of wine with a delicious meal, and driving to the coast every chance I get.

Dalcetta  — Studio 3, Inc.

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