Dana Jonas: The Making of a Mash-Up

Posted on April 10, 2012

Ever wondered exactly how Dana makes her vibrant pop-off-the-page Mash-Ups? We managed to snag her off-set for the inside scoop:

Ah, my gosh, the idea came to me as a child actually. I remember sitting in the waiting room for my doctor (I was probably 12), looking through fashion magazines and I thought to myself, I wonder what would happen if I chopped up these pictures and put my favorite pieces together. Years later, I put a spin on that simple yet whimsical idea and called them Mash-Ups!

My process is quite simple really. I find an interesting subject, stick them in front of the camera and get them to do all sorts of crazy movements and dances. At times I focus on the arms or legs, at other times the face. Often I have a general idea of the composition I’m want. I relay that to the model, and let them run with it. Many of my chosen models are also performers or have some background in theater.Β At the end, I sit with my selects and let instinct and creativity take over. It’s truly a freeing process.

Below is a quick video of Dana’s editing process for Maggie’s Mash-Up, the final image of Ms. Maggie and a couple more of our favorite Mash-Up images πŸ™‚

[youtube 1ujSXwbOQas]

Dana Jonas, photography  β€” Studio 3, Inc.

Maggie: 5 pieces

Dana Jonas, photography  β€” Studio 3, Inc.

Nico: 6 pieces

Dana Jonas, photography  β€” Studio 3, Inc.

Talisha: 9 pieces

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