Ease Stress With Good Vibrations

Posted on June 10, 2014

A routine can get tiring after a while.  When something works, we like to run with it. Why ruin a good thing, right? Wrong. Oddly enough, change can help you cope with these feelings of never-ending monotony. In the midst of our daily hustle and bustle it’s hard to find time for a little variety.

Well, no need to quit your job or buy a new car. Studies show that little changes in life like changing your morning route to work and cooking up a new recipe for dinner is all you really need to reignite your passion for life. In 2013 the University of Missouri found that something as simple as intentionally listening to more upbeat music in your day can help increase overall happiness. So maybe, instead of listening to Nirvana on your commute to work during one of those gloomy PNW mornings, you can try a little more Chromeo.

“Well, what about when I get home? And what if I want to go outside?,” you ask. Well, listening and sharing the joy of music with everyone around you is even easier than before with Jawbone’s not-so-conventional, Jambox. Choose from a variety of colors to find the right way to brighten your day.

CW 15048T Jambox PR 1500  — Studio 3, Inc.

All of us at Studio 3 believe in the power of music. Not a day goes by without one genre or another floating through the air. One big reason our shoots are so successful is the inspiration we get from tunes that both lift us up and remind us how much we love what we do. Our unbridled passion for melodies, beats, and jamming out led our lead-photographer and master-lighter, Craig Wagner, to capture the beauty of music in one of its many forms. This monochromatic image was produced by placing glasses before a lens in order to create a distorted look.

We realize times can get tough, so start here and remember that you are the architect of your own destiny. Nothing is eternal, but if you are truly unhappy with something, change it. Until then, crank up your Jambox and start picking up some good vibrations!



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