Food Photography – Salt

Posted on March 17, 2015

Food gradient of many piles of salt in dishes  — Studio 3, Inc.

Why should you make a change to Studio 3, Inc. for your photography needs? Because WE make it look good.

These artisan salts could have gotten any creative treatment there is – but Photographer David Bell strove to bring out the pretty in the delectable, sparkly grains. The Studio 3 Team loves all kinds of salts (since numerous varieties of artisan salts are available in dedicated salt shops and markets everywhere lately) so when the chance arose to feature some of our faves we jumped to it. David had some Japanese Wasara single-use recycled heavy duty paper dishes that he had been holding on to specifically for a project like this. The undulating waves of the dish profiles, the texture of the bamboo and bagasse against the salt grains, the dishes placed just so atop the table: all provided a stark contrast in textures and form that David brought out with his masterful use of lighting.

A crisp, hard light was essential to show of all the granules of salt and bring out all the highlights, brightness, grittiness, and coarseness simultaneously. In choosing the lighting setup David also intentionally created shadow beneath the dishes so the eye can distinguish between white table, white dish, and white salt without straining or confusion. He experimented with playing with pattern, repetition, color, and texture to create the images below, mixing salts to achieve that perfect balance of color and a pleasingly harmonious design.

Food gradient of tiled piles of salt in dishes  — Studio 3, Inc.Featured salts:
Hiwa Kai Black Lava Sea Salt  /  Salish Smoked (Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt)  /  Fleur de Sel (Flower of Salt)  /  Alaea (Hawaiian Sea Salt)  /  Sel Gris (French Grey Sea Salt)  /  Pure Ocean (Atlantic Sea Salt)

from Artisan Salt, Co. AKA Saltworks, Inc.

Chili Verde Sea Salt  /  Yakima Applewood Smoked Sea Salt

from Metropolitan Market, Seattle Food gradient of 3 piles of salt in dishes  — Studio 3, Inc.

Creating a look in photographs is not random but instead full of intention: highly precise and orchestrated to feature the product in its best light.

So what goes into the “look” of your photography? And how can you develop a look that embodies your brand? Call Studio 3, and we’ll make whatever you have to shoot look so amazing…you’ll never need to go looking for a photography partner again.


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