Food Photography – Steak Dinner

Posted on May 26, 2015

Juicy steak and steaming baked potato steakhouse restaurant dinner on table with food dishes and drink  — Studio 3, Inc.

You don’t want any photography studio to produce your images. You want someone who not only captures beautiful images, but who also makes YOU look good. Answers the brief, provides a solution, takes care of the details, and turns commercial photography into mouthwatering, jaw-dropping images. Studio 3, Inc. is the solution to any visual challenge – because we not only make images that look fantastic, WE make YOU look good to your clients and customers.

What could look better than a fresh-cooked, hot-from-the-oven dinner, plated and ready for consumption? Shot by David Bell, this photo was styled to elicit the VIP’s restaurant rustic steakhouse feel. David is a pro at dealing with the different temperatures of food and drink and photographing each at its most delicious. The steam coming off the baked potato is natural and was captured in-camera. The steak was cooked to perfection and juice added in artistic splashes by our Production Team. The ice cube in the drink was cast in a spherical mold with a spotlight on it to give it that extra sparkle and hint of cool, chilled deliciousness. The focus on creating Real and Fresh in the scene (rather than digitally altered in post-production) makes each element look natural – and utterly delectable.

Give your visuals the appetizing makeover they deserve. Call Studio 3, you’re always a VIP with us!

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