Garden Still Photography Party!

Posted on June 23, 2010

Studio 3, Inc. Seattle recently collaborated with longtime client Antica Farmacista on a joint video/ still photography project featuring a new product line shot in a classic garden setting. The lifestyle video shows Creative Director Shelley Callaghan dressing a table for a special event and highlights the elements of style that make Antica a high-end luxury brand perfect for every home.

When planning a project like this, that involves both video and still photography to capture the essence of our client, we always aim to make each component compliment the other rather than having them compete for the spotlight.  These multi-part projects are always fun and challenging for that reason.  For Antica Farmacista’s work, we wanted to show the care, craft, and most importantly the eye that the brand upholds with its products and aesthetics in each component. By showing the products in use as compliment to the product feature style used in the photos, a more subtle but meaningful approach to highlighting them, the video aspect of this work provides a practical grounding and deeper sense of the items and brand.

The end result is clean, beautiful video and still photography that exude the charm of Antica Farmacista’s wonderfully crafted products.  Even though we’ve been working together for some time now, it’s always a treat to have them come to us with their products, each one so full of personality and care, that let you know the people behind the company have a passion for their craft.

Antica Farmacista has captured old-world European charm and mystery with its collection of unique signature scents for the home and body that draw inspiration from the mystery of the Mediterranean Sea and the serenity of the gardens of Tuscany. Each fragrance is formulated with only the world’s finest essential oils and natural ingredients, and every product is meticulously produced and presented in an antique inspired apothecary bottle.

still photography  — Studio 3, Inc.

still photography  — Studio 3, Inc.

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