Inside Look: Matt Jebbia's Daydreamin' Material

Posted on August 9, 2012

In these last weeks of summer, we were feeling the warmth and beauty of these carefree days that face us every year. With the feeling of endless amounts of free time to daydream and think about the possibilities that lie ahead, we wanted to share with you what inspires one of our in house photographers, Matt Jebbia. Read below to see how he spends his brainstorming time and maybe you can find your own inspiration:

What inspires me is the use of light. Light has the ability to shape an object or subjects mood, presence, and form to convey a story.  Light can be either natural or artificial, in school I learned to use light in the standard photographic ways.  But what I love, is that you can break all the conventional rules of light to create even more dramatic and beautiful images.

The photographers that inspire me the most with their unconventional use of light are: Shuakashi (, who often paints with light to create streaks and patterns that blow my mind, Melissa Rodwell, Jill Greenberg, and most of all my all time favorite Irving Penn.  I love fashion and beauty as a subject, so nonetheless, these photographers who specialize in this area are of particular inspiration.  The way they capture light, and movement, and even the perception of movement in their subjects…That’s what is so inspiring to me.


  — Studio 3, Inc.

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