Lifestyle Photography – Skateboarder in Empty Pool

Posted on June 16, 2015

Gritty lifestyle photo of boy skateboarding on side of empty urban pool  — Studio 3, Inc.

When choosing your lifestyle photography to show your products or services in action, we know you have many choices. But the world of commercial photography can be a desolate one when you’re looking for images that pack a punch and tell an arresting story. Studio 3, Inc. has ridden out the years by providing photos that, time and again, capture the viewer’s attention and draw you in to the action. You should choose Studio 3 to produce your visuals because WE make a statement with our imagery.

When it comes to lifestyle photography that captures the action as it happens, we pride ourselves on being urban archaeologists, selecting the best angle and composition to tell the story in the most pleasing manner. For this shoot Studio 3 co-founder Jim Felt traveled on location to the Salton Sea State Recreation Area in order to capture the “Mad Max” desolation and emotional poignancy to a once-thriving resort destination. In 1905 the Salton Sea was accidentally created when as engineering company cut a channel into the Colorado River that overflowed into the dry Salton Basin, filling it with fresh water that mixed with the salt beds. This created the largest lake in California: an inland lake saltier than the Pacific Ocean, around which a resort area sprung up in the 1950’s. For awhile the area was a tourist attraction, but as agricultural runoff and pesticides flowed into the sea, the water became too hostile to support any kind of life, areas of the surrounding towns flooded, and people abandoned the area. The goal for this shoot was to tell this story in a single image, and a lone kid skateboarding in one of the empty pools at the abandoned resort encompassed this perfectly. Jim set up for the best angle for lighting and composition, and had the child play as he snapped shots and adjusted the camera settings to create an otherworldly feel.

The intention was to impart the visual grittiness into actual noise in-camera, create a harsh contrast, and highlight the whole history of the Salton Sea in this single shot. How do you feel as you look at this photo?

Whatever your unique situation, Studio 3 can capture it in an instant to make that statement. We add the unexpected, we make it arresting, emotional, and fun. Call us at 503.238.1748 to see.

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