Portrait Photography: Pets & Owners

Posted on January 9, 2012

If you haven’t figured it out by now, we love to have fun around here at Studio 3. We know the way to keep consistently working hard and putting out quality results is to occasionally indulge ourselves in fun projects. We recently got fun, funky, and dare I say it, furry with some portrait photography featuring people and their best little friends, their pets!

Just as best friends sometimes start to act alike, dress alike, and even look alike, the concept behind this fun shoot was to showcase how much these owners and their pets reflect each other and their personalities. We went bold and made the portrait photography really pop with bright, vibrant backdrops, colorful outfits, and some amazing poses by both models in each set!

Playing cute and coy in the magenta glow are Shayna Bee and Peach. Both rocking a wild and fun head of hair, we let the wind blow in their faces as they gave us their most adorable eyes. I hate to state the obvious, but they must share hair tips.

Next, sitting calmly and regally in the blue cast of the heavens above are Alyssa and Reef. Dressed in matching red tops, these two were great models! Reef sat like a pro, looking buff and cool and Alyssa did an awesome job of matching his pose. Attached at the hip, these two lovebirds were a great match. Reef visited us a few days later to pick up his portrait.

Last, possibly littlest, but definitely not least are Lauren Hale and Veronica, two women that love their bowls and aren’t afraid to show it. The two of them impressed us with their talents, Veronica being able to balance on her bowl like a champ and Lauren being able to fit into hers! Two cuties indeed, look at those noses!

portrait photography  — Studio 3, Inc.

Shayna Bee and Peach obviously share hair tips.

  — Studio 3, Inc.

Alyssa and Reef! Attached at the hip, these two love birds look oddly alike.

portrait photography  — Studio 3, Inc.

Lauren Hale and Veronica, look at those noses!

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