Product Photography Fun: 40k tool!

Posted on May 19, 2008

Selling at the typical price of a mid-sized luxury automobile, Leatherman proudly presents its $40,000 utility tool!  Studio 3, Inc’s Portland office had the privilege of working on some product photography with this treasure just months after capturing images of “Mr. Crunch”, Tim Leatherman’s original prototype for the world renowned tool.

Studio 3 photographer David Bell’s striking product photography images of the celebratory piece show the elegance and attention to even the finest details that has helped establish the Leatherman craft as one of love and mastery. Through the images alone, you can seriously get lost in the tool’s ornate embellishments and finely tuned mechanisms. And to think that they’re all contained in something that fits in the palm of your hand, truly an amazing sight! In David’s words:

This series of tools are very special. They are custom made by a silversmith in Argentina. He takes a Leatherman tool, disassembles it, then high polishes all its components, and then he makes new handles out of gold and silver. The challenge and direction given were to highlight this special quality. Making the gold and silver pop and look as special as it is in real life. Having shot all of Leatherman’s tools for years and just recently shooting one of the original Tim Leatherman Prototypes it was such a treat to shoot these beautiful works of art. It was like shooting fine jewelry, as opposed to the hard stainless steel tool that I am so accustomed to. It is always exciting to shoot the newest and finest tool that Leatherman is coming out with and now I got to shoot true works of art for them.

Purchase one to commemorate Leatherman Tool’s 25th anniversary, their recent accreditation of being named National Geographic’s “2008 Gear of the Year” or to simply put on a pedestal & gaze at.

Product Photography  — Studio 3, Inc.

Product Photography  — Studio 3, Inc.

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