Product Photography – Water Cartons

Posted on October 21, 2014

Water Carton Test  — Studio 3, Inc.When it comes to exceptional product photography, lighting is the essential in making the product come to life. Case in point: these simple, minimalistic water cartons begged to have the spotlight shone on their clean lines and stark contrast. The goal was to take something simple, and render it elegant and breathtaking with creating the perfect lighting setup. For the client, this creates a product that is new and sexy – elevating it to be slick, cool, and utterly covetable.  With the right lighting and direction we can make every product look amazing!

The choice of photographer was obvious. With a reputation as a maestro of light techniques, Craig Wagner is always able to attain optimal lighting to showcase products. The goal was to create the distorted water effect to the background in-camera, rather than digitally. To add interest and texture to the image, Mr. Wagner utilized a large sheet of rippled glass as the background from our extensive prop closet at the Studio. He kept the lighting simple, only using one 2000w Junior Mole, and redirecting it as needed with silver cards and a Mini-Mole as a kicker. Using the tungsten lights allowed him to drag the shutter for 4-6 seconds, during which he altered different parts of the image to create the visual wavy effect. Our post-production team adjusted the color temperature and saturation to achieve a flawless color tone, and the final beauty shot.

Producer: Liz Swales

Photographer: Craig Wagner

Digital Artist: Carl Beery

Equipment: Canon 5D MKIII w/ TS-E 45mm 2.8

Lighting: 200W Mini-Mole, 2000W Junior Mole (Key light)

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