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Posted on October 9, 2012

It’s no secret our photographers love shooting technology. We’ve got a group that has a passion for Technology Photography! With the constant innovation it’s often times hard to keep up. At Studio 3, instead of our photographers getting frustrated by the constant change, they get inspired. Read below to see their words on not only the changing environment of technology, but what they love about shooting it:

What I find extremely inspiring about technology is it’s incredible pace! I believe in the near future we will be able to see technology manifest right in front of us. With that said, I freaking love showing all the possibilities of new technology, that inspires me to push the envelope and do some really unique stuff.


Technology Photography  — Studio 3, Inc.


Technology is my middle name, I am inspired on what technology can do to enhance our lives, by accomplishing tasks with much more efficiency. I am the type of guy that is a tech guru, knowing everything that goes on inside, underneath the hood, inside the box, therefore I find it thrilling to stand in the consumer’s shoes…how am I going to convey what this product can do for you? Therefore, I always try to show the product in a good light: friendly and approachable.


Technology Photography  — Studio 3, Inc.


The challenge of making it interesting and drawing the viewer in, that is so inspiring. On top of it all you have to make the product look new fresh and different, that’s my favorite part. I am always so excited to see what is new, hot, and how I can show it off.


Technology Photography  — Studio 3, Inc.

I get inspired by the “top secret” nature of shooting the product, knowing about technological advancements before the general public has always been cool and inspires you to concept something way more exciting than just a black box. In fact, I have actually shot a black box, one of my favorite shoots, where we shot it on a roadway set with a vivid sunset as the background. We shot it on an 8X10 transparency, with all the effects done in camera and the client loved it!


Technology Photography  — Studio 3, Inc.

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