Video – October 1 Second Every Day

Posted on November 11, 2014

“There are so many tiny, beautiful, funny, tragic moments in your life — how are you going to remember them all?”

On the heels of our 30-second videos for July and September and we’ve created another video full of tiny, beautiful, funny moments behind the scenes with the Studio 3 Team.

From creating some buzz with a chainsaw video to mulling over a Fall cider setup and wrangling some adorable puppies for a studio photoshoot, “hard at work” can still include a lot of fun. But we’ve also taken a break with trips to Astoria, OR, visiting the Belmont Goats, attending Design Week Portland events, playing with a model train set, and splashing in some puddles. See if you can spot cameos by the Studio 3 Team, including Lead Digital Artist Alex Gumina, Photographers Henry Ngan, Craig Wagner, and Chris Eltrich , Video Director David King, and Social Media Manager Carly Cais.

Stitching all these different elements together for a Studio 3 behind-the-scenes video is just another day’s work for Director David King. When he isn’t laughing at the ridiculousness of his coworkers to create this 30-second snapshot of our month, he shoots and edits client videos for Studio 3. David specializes in branded product demonstration videos, corporate videos, holiday videos, informational videos, testimonial videos, and commercials. He and the Team work to solve each client’s creative problem, tailoring the experience to meet brand and audience needs. In each case we exceed client expectations, leading to repeat clients, some of whom have been returning to us for over 20 years! The Studio 3 experience is professional, all-inclusive, efficient, and fun from start to finish. Plus the client receives a targeted video product that achieves their goals of informing, educating, entertaining, and converting their viewers to customers.

Ready to get your brand on video and reach your ideal customer base? Reach out to the Studio 3 Team for a tailored video that showcases your company and product. Whether 5 minutes or 30 seconds every day, the video for you is sure to be memorable.

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