We love a challenge!

Posted on June 28, 2012

We are living large with an abundance of studio space so we decided to put it to use with our latest project, a 360 degree interior spin of the spacious Freightliner Coronado.  Most of us aren’t long-haul truckers and have never had the chance to even venture into one of these massive vehicles.  So here’s your chance to sit back and view our interactive 360 interior spin of this amazing truck.  Check out the quote below to get insight on the creative process from photographer Henry Ngan!

“Working on this project presented numerous challenges.  First and foremost is how to capture this interior space through a camera lens so the viewer feels as if they are actually sitting inside the truck.  We accomplished this by experimenting with several focal lengths to find the sweet spot where lens distortion is kept to a minimum.  Multiple still images were needed at several angles to capture the full 360 degree view of the interior from front of cab to the rear sleeping quarters.  The second challenge we faced is how to light the interior space from the front of the cab to the rear spaces so that we accounted for the varying lighting changes that occur naturally.  As you transition from front of cab to the sleeping quarters you have less windows that allow for light to enter into these spaces creating a natural warm environment.  Through my extensive exposure to varying photographic challenges my favorite projects are the ones that utilize all my skills and creativity.”

 [local /wp-content/uploads/2012/06/TruckQTVR.mov nolink]

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