Perfecting the Pour with Photographer Craig Wagner

Creating a pour-fectly timed photo for Domaine Serene is one of Craig Wagner‘s favorite photo shoots from the past year. Brushing up on our physics, Craig and the Studio 3 team successfully streamlined the process to create the perfect pour.

Let the Creativity (And Wine) Flow

Once we had the inspiration from the client, we worked backwards to create the result they were looking for. Everything from the way the lighting hit the color of the wine, bottle, and label; to controlling the pour was tested and perfected.

Because of Craig’s experience with splash photography, he knew this shoot would be a step-by-step, trial-and-error process. He prepped for two days in between other photoshoots to perfect this pour before it was time for Domaine Serene to join us in the studio.

“What I enjoy about jobs like this is the problem-solving.” CW

The Pro in Product Photography

With the help of a drill, PVC pipe, wine reservoir, and stop-valve, Craig devised a contraption to consistently pour the wine. With their newly minted wine-pouring apparatus, photographic dream-team Josh Romberg and Craig Wagner worked together to tweak and dial-in the speed, amount, and flow of the pour to re-create and adjust accordingly.

“We knew we were going to go through a lot of liquid for this shoot.” CW

The wine was flowing at Studio 3: 18 liters to be exact. With every click, we cleaned. Looking back, we should have shot a paper towel commercial at the same time. But we don’t cry over spilled wine. Our team did enjoy some with lunch that day.

Our client selected subtleties they liked from each photo: such as bubbles, highlights, and colors. Along with extra components that Craig shot, our digital team seamlessly pieced everything together for one pour-fect photo.

“It takes a team and all hands on deck.” CW

Teamwork really does make the dream work and Studio 3 is filled with a glass half full crew. Stop on in and meet us for yourself! Until then…