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Chatting with Studio 3 Co-Founder, Jim Felt

Posted on October 25, 2016

Studio 3 has was established in 1978 by three high school buddies. We sat down with one of the founding members, Jim Felt, to learn a little more about his lengthy career in photography.

How long have you been a photographer?
I got my first camera in 8th grade but it didn’t occur to me then I would become a photographer and remain a photographer.

skater empty pool  — Studio 3, Inc.

What was the biggest “uh oh” moment you can recall having on a set?
We forgot our light meter for a shoot in Oklahoma City. The shoot was during a sunset and we needed that light meter. We called every shop in town and of course nobody had anything for us to use. So I went ahead took the photo without a light meter and it turned out perfect anyway. The client never knew.

pilot sunset  — Studio 3, Inc.


What was the most innovative “MacGyver moment” you’ve had on set?
I was at the Redstone Arsenal in Alabama getting ready to shoot a space shuttle. The shuttle flew in on a 747 and we were there to do a mid-operation shoot. The problem was, how was I going to light this thing? I realized that this military base was full of firemen, so I walked up to them and asked them, “Hey, can we use your spotlights to light up this space shuttle?”  They agreed and we got the firemen to use the spotlights on their trucks to light up the shuttle.

spaceshuttle 747  — Studio 3, Inc.


What was the craziest thing you caught on camera that wasn’t for a shoot?
It was 1968 and rioting over the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr had begun in the Lloyd Center area of Portland. My buddy and I were cruising around and pulled up to the completely empty parking lot of the Lloyd Center Mall. Armed with our Nikons, we approached the mall and it looked abandoned, except for the cop cars that were parked inside of the mall. We proceeded to walk around taking photos of this creepy, empty mall when finally we hear a voice, “What the hell do you think you are doing here?” It was the police, with their guns. They were telling us to leave and even tried to take our film. We had cameras and they had tommy guns.

jim portrait  — Studio 3, Inc.


There have been some unbelievable moments that I’ve captured over the course of my photography career (some planned, some un-planned) and I wouldn’t trade my experience for any other profession in the world. It’s been exciting to watch Studio 3 grow through the “film-days”, into digital, and I can’t wait to see what happens next as we move into virtual/ augmented reality!

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Time Will Tell…

Posted on March 28, 2016

watch briefcase unionstation  — Studio 3, Inc.

LaCoste’s stylish watch blends elements of dignified grace and exquisite fashion. Its dynamic look requires a dynamic image that only Studio 3 can deliver.  Photographer Trevor Boone pulled out all of the stops, shooting in Seattle’s Union Station, a backdrop uniquely suited to reflect LaCoste’s class and refined elegance.

camera flash model  — Studio 3, Inc.

Using mostly natural light, Photographer Trevor Boone turned the bustling public area into his own personal playground as he navigated through the uncontrolled environment with skill and precision.  The result is a backdrop with character, proving that Studio 3 can shoot anywhere and everywhere.

model bench briefcase  — Studio 3, Inc.

model table windows  — Studio 3, Inc.

Not only will our team locate a picture-perfect setting, we’re also experienced in hiring the right talent for your project whether that means partnering with agencies or holding open casting calls in our studios…. and if you need some cute kittens to get the puurrrrrfect image, we can handle that too! 

model umbrella doors  — Studio 3, Inc.

 Studio 3 is the premiere photo studio in the Pacific Northwest specializing in long-term partnerships with the top companies in their field.  Now is the time to reach out and bring a spotlight to your brand with precision and authority.

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Keep Kissing Boys on the Street song title graffiti art with rose petals

Keep Kissing Boys in the Street

Posted on February 12, 2016

Keep Kissing Boys on the Street song title graffiti art with rose petals  — Studio 3, Inc.If you haven’t yet heard Greg Holden’s song “Boys in the Street” it’s high time you must. Profiled by Time and the Huffington Post, Holden is an artist who identifies as straight, but wrote the song in support of his gay friends. The song tugs on the heartstrings with a powerful message about gay acceptance and love.

Spied in L.A., Nashville, San Francisco, Brooklyn, and now Portland, a stencil reading “Keep Kissing Boys in the Street” has been popping up (in response to the father’s accusation that the son had been “kissing boys in the street” in the song). This Valentine’s Day the Studio 3 Team gave this street art stencil the loving touch with some on-location photography, falling rose petals, and a digitally-enhanced sparkle. Let love, tolerance, and acceptance reign in all your relationships – and keep on kissing those boys in the street. (And check out the Instagram hashtag #boysinthestreet for more!)

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5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Professional Photographer

Posted on February 9, 2016

It can be tough to find the perfect photographer for your images. Who to work with? How do you know what you’re getting? What will ensure the quality of the final image…and a great outcome? When weighing portfolios and websites, it is necessary to look at these 5 areas before you make that professional photographer hire:

Arm wearing Leatherman tread tool bracelet reaching for cocktail drink on table  — Studio 3, Inc.

1. Capabilities: Do they have a portfolio of similar work? Do you see something congruous with your ideas (a similar style for the photography, for example) – that would lead you to believe that they can do this for you too? If you don’t see a professional photograph similar to your concept, that doesn’t mean the photographer in question is incapable of producing the work…it just leaves more up to chance. Go through the portfolio carefully to see if you can envision this particular person creating a photo evocative of your vision.

Espresso coffee cups and cookies for afternoon tea on tabletop  — Studio 3, Inc.

2. Experience: Who have they worked with? Who are their advocates? Do they have a roster of clients that speak to their abilities…or are you unsure of who their clientele are? Do you see behind-the-scenes shots or shoots referenced on their social media channels? Do you hear clients singing their praises…or just crickets? Basically the question is whether they have the experience and the chops to execute the shoot you envision…as well as the experience to deal with anything that could potentially go wrong. And right it immediately. And make it amazing.

Cowboy rancher with 2 horses on location on rural ranch  — Studio 3, Inc.

3. Professionalism: How professional do they seem? Website, social media, email interactions, project management – are they on top of things or do they seem to drop the ball? Do they have a Team that handles whatever you could need on your project? Do you feel taken care of? Is their focus on YOU? This is an area where, if something is amiss, it is usually obvious immediately. From your first interaction to your last, you should feel that you can trust the professional you’ve chosen, and that they have all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed.

Construction worker polishing rust off railroad tie with Stanley pneumatic grinder tool, making sparks  — Studio 3, Inc.

4. Quality: Is the overall feel of the photographer’s work high-quality with a great deal of thought put into it…or do you see slapdash mistakes? How is the styling, the lighting, the sharpness of the photo? Do all the details cohere to create a uniform story? Is nothing overlooked? Do all the elements support the story…or detract? When you feel a balanced harmony when looking at the photograph, the overall quality will shine through.

Spicy fried chicken pieces with Asian sauce on wax paper picnic lunch  — Studio 3, Inc.

5. Results: A photo is a means to an end. Will it make people stop in its tracks…or will it be glossed over? Will it tell the story you want it to…or will it miss the mark? A lot of this relies on your gut feeling about your photography partner prior to the shoot…but you can also make an educated guess based on the work in the photographer’s portfolio. You also need to define what would be a success for the photography you need…and how to gauge the results once complete.

If you haven’t gotten the results you’ve been looking for from your photography provider, maybe it’s time to switch. The Team at Studio 3 is always here to partner with you to execute your vision…and push your campaigns to the next level. Give us a ring and see.

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Curing Those Winter Blues

Posted on January 13, 2016

Curing the winter blues can be a daunting task. Everywhere we look people are giving advice. Bake cakes, learn to knit, read 500 books, you know, the works. After awhile, you’ll realize nothing is kicking that booty into gear. That’s why we’re here to help.  Introducing 5 things YOU can do to cure your winter blues, S3 style.

Think none of your photos are turning out nicely because of those gloomy and dark skies? Think again when you look at this beautiful beverage, taken right here at Studio 3 – ice cold, smooth, and ready for you to take a sip. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate is the buzz word for 2016 – it’ll help the hibernation process go a bit smoother.

Oh, do you think this would count as bottled water in San Francisco?

water carton black white  — Studio 3, Inc.

Find yourself a Marquis Swim Spa – it’s the ultimate experience, and will seriously enhance your lifestyle. (PS. you’re doubly lucky to find one indoors).

Marquis Spas  — Studio 3, Inc.

Let’s take a moment and thank the powers that be for the piles and piles of snow on our PNW mountains. This weekend when you get out your board and hit the slopes, look your best and we’ll meet you on location (great natural light), and don’t forget the outdoor clothing.

winter snowboard blue  — Studio 3, Inc.

Don’t give up on your exercise routine even if that glance outside makes you want to throw down your running sneakers and make a b-line for the couch. There’s plenty of places for indoor running in Portland & Seattle. With the faint hum of a heater, it’ll feel warm and sunny inside. Another tip: run the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Your thighs will thank us later.

running indoors bridge   — Studio 3, Inc.

Last but certainly not least, when did square dancing NOT become a thing?!? Let’s bring it back, people!  Make sure to read the “Square Dance Do’s and Don’t,” and bring out the poodle skirts, pettipants and professional low-heeled shoes.

sqaure dancing twirl blue yellow  — Studio 3, Inc.
Don’t be a square. Twist, turn, and twirl your way over to Studio 3 for a kick-ass time.

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Blast From The Past: Gift Guide!

Posted on December 2, 2015

After all the crazy post – thanksgiving shopping days have come and gone, we’re reminded of all the “IT” items on the wish lists of years gone by. Check out this “blast from the past” gift guide and see if you remember Jones’n for any of these …

It’s Friday night, December 1987 and you’re hoping out of the car to greet your pals with a fist bump wearing your of-the-moment athletic apparel. Fueled by the Back to the Future craze, you were hoping Santa was going to deliver something more in line with a DeLorean. Don’t Fret, good ol’ mom-n-dad had you covered with two words: Lazer Tag!! (This photo was shot on film during the ancient era when Photoshop was just a twinkle in a photographers eye.)

lazer tag photo   — Studio 3, Inc.

If you had one of Garmin Navigation’s very first car navigation systems in 1998 you had no idea what today’s would be about to do…Waze? What?!? Today’s high resolution images are a far cry from those early black and white screens. And, if you so choose, today your directions can be spoken to you in a refined British accent.

garmin navigation white  — Studio 3, Inc.

In the early 2000’s perhaps you were ditching your skateboard for a Razor Scooter? Feeling a little nostalgic for an afternoon spent practicing tricks with your friends? Check out some ‘scooter tricks’ videos on YouTube.

orange razer scooter blue background  — Studio 3, Inc.

Did you know someone (or you were someone, a-hem, we’re not judging) that camped out overnight in the never-ending line that wrapped around the building of your local Game Stop for the latest and greatest gaming system? And, when the doors opened at 8am and you stampeded through the crowds for the sweeeeet sweeeeeet new Nintendo DS? Nah, neither did we. (wink,wink). Sit down Game Boy, Nintendo DS is here!

nintendo white grey  — Studio 3, Inc.

Are you a “I have so many books I think I need a bigger house” kind of person? Well, in 2007 maybe the new Amazon Kindle ended up on your list. It cost nearly $400 but it took reading and buying books to a whole new level of obsession. And, for those of us living in the Pacific Northwest, no more pesky pages flapping in the wind when you’re outside on a beautiful afternoon.

kindle white feather  — Studio 3, Inc.

What’s on your list this year? AND, how much longer do we have to wait for a flying car?


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Food, Family & Fun

Posted on November 4, 2015

The two best things about the holiday season? Here’s a clue. They both start with the letter “F.” Food and … family. If you want to plan some outdoor activities for when the kids are home, or even in between those stomach – stuffed meals, check out your city’s local events that are happening on the Thanksgiving holiday. There’s the Holladay Park Turkey Trot in Portland, and Green Lake Gobble & Mashed Potato Munch Off in Seattle.

Father and son play football.   — Studio 3, Inc.

For a second, close your eyes. Think of the senses that bring the holidays to life in your imagination. Do you smell the cranberry sauce in your grandma’s crystal dish, sitting patiently waiting to be eaten on the dining room table? What about the cinnamon smell of the house you grew up in? Infuse your home with the traditional holiday smells from NEST Fragrances.

Cinnamon sticks and cranberries   — Studio 3, Inc.

Can you smell that? The smell of deliciously oven roasted turkey? You can’t have Thanksgiving without a bird, and you can’t have a bird without a superior turkey recipe. The Pioneer Woman has all the recipes you could use to make a Thanksgiving meal. Pay extra attention to The Pioneer Woman’s Roasted Thanksgiving Turkey, she promises it won’t be hard to make.

Bird and a hanging feast.   — Studio 3, Inc.

Tablecloths, white plates, fall-themed napkins, cutlery, red wine – everything you need is at Costco. So go. On a bus, in a car, on a plane, or in a train, we don’t care. Your local Costco is calling your name.

Table setting, forks, knifes, and wine.   — Studio 3, Inc.

If you’re not able to make it home for the holidays, wherever that is, Consumer Cellular can make you feel right at home. Anyone can find a plan that works for him.

Cellphone and food in bed.   — Studio 3, Inc.



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Fall in Love With These 6 Tools

Posted on October 7, 2015

It’s that time — yard work needs to be done without the help of rain to make that soil a little more easy to dig into. Gerber Gear in Portland, Oregon, has been getting the dig-job done since 1939, and has a one hundred percent success rate when it comes to cracking open the earth. Their products are so strong that they’re Army Strong. Gardeners and tradesmen are not the only ones who use Gerber Gear. Gerber Gear is carried along side the United States Military.

gerber hammer black white  — Studio 3, Inc.

We’ve shot Leatherman Tools for over twenty years, and we know from personal experience how important their gadgets are in the workplace. Their new model, Signal, has a few extra additions to the traditional multi-functional tool: A blade sharpener, a fire-starting rod, and an emergency whistle. (now go put THIS on your holiday list).leatherman hand tool signal  — Studio 3, Inc.When the light is right and the product is so beautiful it just about walks itself off the page. Fashionable, durable, AND cool…it could not be more NW.

danner boots black   — Studio 3, Inc.

Go into any Target store and you’ll spot the Levis. In men’s section, women’s section, and can you guess it? Kid’s section. They’re an all-around-brand for that year-round fashionista. They’re also perfect for fall. Dark wash screams cool and collected, and it also keeps the dirt smudges at a minimum.

CE 9595T Levis c PR 1185  — Studio 3, Inc.

We live in a society where people like to stand out, and if you’re one of those, you’d want this type of bike. Renovo is a bike brand made out of…wood. Their bikes are lightweight and sustainable, just the way we like it here in Portland!

white bike brand renevo   — Studio 3, Inc.

That cold, misty, smooth sip of apple cider may be the most important tool in your 2015 toolbox. Looking for unusual hard cider flavors?

CW 15183T HardCider a FB  — Studio 3, Inc.

We hope these 2015 tools help your fall get off to a great start. Need things photographed for your fall catalog or product launch? Give us a ring.


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Ready, Set, Fall!

Posted on September 23, 2015

The alarm is going off, it’s time to start the day. The number one thing that helps with this process? Coffee. That warm, wonderful wake-me-up-cup. Portland and Seattle are known for their hole-in-the-wall coffee shops along with their hand roasted coffee beans. If you’re more of a stay-at-home coffee drinker, Espresso Supply in Seattle, WA, has phenomenal products and tools to help anyone who’s interested in using, making, (AND TASTING), specialty coffee and coffee products.

Coffee checkered thermos bonavita   — Studio 3, Inc.

With fall comes cold weather, which means an extra excuse to pile on the layers. Start this season looking F R E S H – outside AND on the inside, too. The cold weather brings more hours spent inside, and opportunities for a refreshing drink…water. Yes, water. Those florescent lights can be draining, so hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. PLUS, water is good for your brain. Really good, especially if it’s mineral infused water.

blk back water  — Studio 3, Inc.

Ride to work in style. Biking is in, and it’s in big time. People do their part to save the environment, they exercise and look sleek while cool cruising to first period class or that 8am meeting. Finding the right bike for your lifestyle can be a bit time consuming. River City Bikes in Portland, OR, is a great place to start. They’ve been around the block for twenty years, and can help you with that first new (or used) bike purchase. Looking for a less “traditional” type of bike? Look no further.

black bicycle red light  — Studio 3, Inc.

Admit it. A phone is a good distraction for that afternoon slump. With the amount we use them these days, they’re always visible. People don’t just want their phone to be smart, they want them snazzy & sexy. There’s plenty of alternatives to all those Apple products, too.

samsung phone model colorful screen  — Studio 3, Inc.

Eating is an important component to a productive day at school and work. People say breakfast is the most important, but we say lunch! If you don’t have time to pack your PB&J in the morning and want to spice things up, try this pulled pork recipe. It’s fast and easy. Everyone around you will be oinkin’ at you for a taste.

pulled pork sandwhich yellow corn  — Studio 3, Inc.

Ready, set, GO! Give Studio 3, Inc., a call this fall season. We look forward to hearing from you.

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17 Ways to Get Your Clients to Love You: A Studio 3 Guide

Posted on August 12, 2015

Collage of Studio 3, Inc. team member employee portraits  — Studio 3, Inc.We’ve been in business a long time, working with some clients for a decade or more. To us, the client relationship is paramount, and we go above and beyond to nurture it. What would you experience if you were a client of ours? Here are some direct quotes from our Team Members about what we mean when we speak of “Studio 3 Customer Service:”

Client Relationship Manager Jessica Lynes:

We take the time to anticipate our clients’ needs, ensuring that they have exactly what they need/want before they even know that they need or want it!

We always have their “favorites” when they’re here: foods, drinks, music, etc. is met with a “Wow! Thank you so much, I can’t believe you remembered!”

Portland Producer Liz Swales:

We get the client’s job done: efficiently, flawlessly, and simply, while exceeding their their expectations.

We take care of them like royalty…AKA feeding them fun and amazing food!

Chaos Wrangler Niki Gillespie:

We streamline the behind-the-scenes details to ensure the smoothest client experience. Clients love our process but never are over-aware of it. No bottlenecks.

Seattle Producer Kaitlin McMillan:

We will do anything! If the client wants it done, we’ll get it done for them – no hesitation or questions. Any budget, any client, any person, any product… we have a solution for even the most difficult of requests.

We create an “atmosphere” while a client is on set: you can bring your laptop and do work, you can play ping pong when you’re just here tagging along for a shoot, you can watch the news and drink coffee with your feet up on a couch. We inspire creativity and hard work all while in great company.

Digital Artist Carl Beery:

Clients appreciate our experience in pre-media print and web production. Knowing how print collateral and websites are built helps me ask the right questions before problems arise.

Years of experience interpreting markup also helps us make the edits that clients want to see, ensuring a flawless final outcome for all.

Digital Artist Tom Radio:

We make the impossible POSSIBLE when it comes to post-production!

Video Director David King:

We care about building relationships throughout the creative process and we keep client satisfaction as our #1 goal.

Photographer David Bell:

Listen. Pay Attention. Make them the most important thing happening then and there. Make it fun.

Photographer Craig Wagner:

We always try to give our clients more than what they’re initially asking for (like different angles on the same setup), and we are ultimately flexible when working. We won’t consider the creative brief set in stone, and are bold enough to run with an idea, which clients appreciate on set.

Photographer and Studio 3 co-founder Henry Ngan:

By offering them any level of service they need to make their projects a success.

By thinking out of the box creatively to provide a unique vision and fresh look.

Photographer and Studio 3 co-founder Jim Felt:

We always follow through on our promises.

We care about the future relationship with every single client. We value their friendship and the ability to create fun images for them. We are proud of our relationship with each and every client, large or small.

Can’t wait to experience what it’s like to be a Studio 3 client? Reach out and bring us your next project. You’ll experience all of the above…and more.

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