Throwback Thursday – The Learning Machine

Posted on January 22, 2015

the learning machine studio3  — Studio 3, Inc.You might be asking yourself, “Is THIS for real??”
We know…it’s hard to believe, but this is TOTALLY for real!

Since the advent of this amazing technology, it is tough to recall how cumbersome it was when our noodles were all leashed up. That’s not irony. That’s progress.

On August 13, 1993, The Learning Machine hit the market – and the face of learning was never the same again.

When Zygon International Inc. approached Studio 3, the Team set about creating mesmerizing images for the front and inside of a brochure about the spectacular capabilities of The Learning Machine. It synchronizes your mind into the optimum mind-state for psychological programming! It uses Alpha and Theta mind-states to open your learning centers and expand your mental function! Wait…what?? And it boasts a state-of-the-art Light Shield and Learning Discs system that create a light-sound matrix to “launch your brain into incredibly realistic dream world fantasies!” The Studio 3 Team brought those fantasies into reality by executing a product photography shoot that was as futuristic as it was fun. But that’s not to say we have psychic powers now.

Studio 3’s very own David Bell, unafraid of this wacky new technology, agreed to shoot the mind-bending images for the brochure. When asked about the shoot, he revealed some great insight: “I don’t remember a thing about it.” Hmm. Probably because he wasn’t using The Learning Machine while on set. We’ll forgive you, David. You did shoot some hypnotic images after all.

He did finally recall using the Speedtron Strobes to get the perfect balance of the CD’s reflective qualities, while still being able to read the writing on the CD’s. Which, in the age before Photoshop, was QUITE a challenge! (CD’s and DVD’s are notoriously hard to photograph and to strike that elusive balance between readability and the changing color cast on the surface; see here for an example of Chris Eltrich’s work showcasing this.)

the learning machine brochure1 studio3  — Studio 3, Inc.


These photos were shot with a Hasselblad C-500, with a 150 mm lens film camera. The light flares and lasers were all added at the color house during the post-processing phase. The large product shots may or may not have been shot with the SINAR-P 4×5 camera, but since we didn’t try out The Learning Machine in its heyday, it’s a little hard to remember.

And if you’re in the market for your very own Learning Machine, you may still be able to get your head inside one at Zygon International’s website here. But you might want to double-check on that money-back guarantee they offer….

the learning machine brochure2 studio3  — Studio 3, Inc.

(And you can also pick up a CD player from them too for the going rate of only $129.95.)

Have some cutting-edge technology photography you need shot? Hope this has been a learning experience to what Studio 3 can provide: expert lighting, stellar photography, plus…we never take ourselves too seriously. Call us today to get in on the super happy fun times!

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