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Footwear Photography – Jimmy Choo x Voodoo Donuts

Posted on June 30, 2015

Open box of Voodoo Doughnuts with crumbling half eaten donuts and silver snakeskin Jimmy Choo heels on the table  — Studio 3, Inc.

Sometimes a concept has to take a number of disparate elements and meld them together into a cohesive whole. It can be a challenge when dealing with tiny details that can make or break your vignette. When it comes to taking care of all the elements that appear in the photo, WE style it so everything appears at its best.

Take this Voodoo Doughnuts and Jimmy Choo heels project: a footwear photography meets food photography mashup with a Studio 3 spin. Voodoo Doughnuts, an iconic Portland mainstay for quirky and delicious donuts, mixes with Jimmy Choo, an iconic upscale shoe brand exemplifying everything that is luxury. Our Team has years of experience in staging props in a way that feels consistent within a single image. Captured by Photographer Matt Jebbia in a studio-designed environment with a studio lighting setup mimicking early morning sunshine, every element in the frame was artfully arranged to keep the viewer’s eye moving through the photo. Every crumb, every morsel, every donut, every prop: angles, shadows, colors, textures, and sizes were chosen specifically to show each piece at its best and tell a story.

What story do you see when you look at this photo?

And, more importantly, how can we style YOUR images to create an unforgettable iconic story? Reach out and see. We’ll have the donuts ready.

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Footwear Photography – Nike Running Sneakers

Posted on June 23, 2015

Close up of runners feet wearing orange and blue Nike running sneakers, running down urban walkway  — Studio 3, Inc.

Stuck in the creative process? Need a visual partner that really gets your brand and your customers? You can bring any brief to us, and we’ll collaborate with you to create the best imagery yet. You want to choose Studio 3, Inc. because no matter the idea, WE run with it.

One of our main areas of focus is footwear photography – and being located in the footwear capital of the U.S. is no accident. (Headquartered in Portland, Oregon we have Nike, Adidas, Columbia, and KEEN, just to name a few of the giants…not to mention Bogs, Skora, and On.) Studio 3 shoots all brands of footwear, big and little (and right and left), from rugged outdoor boots to sleek stiletto heels to high-performance sneakers. These Nike running sneakers, photographed by Matt Jebbia, were shot to showcase the product in action, creating in-camera motion blur to make the image lively and energetic. Do you feel how the Nikes energize the photo – and how your eye is instinctively drawn to them as a moth to a flame?

You can get your product photography done by just anyone, or you can get it shot by a company that lights your brand on fire. Call Studio 3, Inc. We’ll help you cross the finish line with our sizzling images.

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Shoe Photography – Danner Boots

Posted on March 10, 2015

Mens Danner Williams Boots shoe photography shot by Studio 3  — Studio 3, Inc.

No matter the subject, Studio 3 shines a light on great photography and lifestyle setups that put the WOW in the everyday.

These Danner 6″ Oiled Black Boots just begged to be shot in an environment with moody lighting that reflected their rugged toughness, and Photographer Craig Wagner styled an entire garage set around them for that specific purpose. Placing our Video Director David King‘s Suzuki TU250X motorcycle in the background, he created a monochromatic set filled with blacks and browns to bring out the colors in the shoes. With overhead Speedotrons, Craig focused spotlight-style lighting on the boots in the foreground. The profile and oiled leather grain of the boots required a treatment as if photographing a high-end car, he noted, which he accomplished by choosing the ideal amount of reflectors and kickers to highlight those curves and wood grain heels. A vintage shoe-shine tote with buffs and waxes completes the story: a guy tinkering on his bike in his garage stops to give his favorite Danner boots a polish before setting out for a ride on the open country.

What resulted is a shoe photography shot where the gloss of these boots highlights their shape, workmanship, and durability…stopping anyone in their tracks, wanting to try those boots on and head out for an adventure.Studio 3 Shoe Photography Danner Boots  — Studio 3, Inc.

Ready for YOUR next adventure? Call Studio 3: WE Light It, WE make it look great, WE showcase YOUR product in the best light. Give us a call at (503) 238-1748 in Portland, or (206) 282-0939 in Seattle to experience it.



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WE Do It Better

Posted on March 3, 2015

Studio 3 show photography vintage Nike sneakers  — Studio 3, Inc.

Why chose Studio 3? Because whatever you want done, WE help you do it better.

Take this shot of vintage Nikes, for example. The brief was to take a fresh approach with footwear photography and shooting a pair of vintage Nike sneakers – so the Team created a very gritty-looking night environment to showcase the shoes. But the idea was to keep the setup looking as un-styled as possible, like the person had just kicked the shoes off and they landed exactly as they did. The Team was striving for a moody atmosphere, so having reflections throughout helped underscore that mood. The “street” locale was, however, created entirely in-house. Photographer Chris Eltrich laid out 4′ by 8′ of bricks to make the paving stones, pouring sand in-between them to look like grout, and finished them off with some large pavers for the “sidewalk.” He wet the set with a spray bottle to create those reflections, which proved a challenge due to to the bricks and sand absorbing the water. He had to spray continuously all the way down to the moment he clicked the shutter, or everything would dry. All the work paid off in the end and resulted in a wet-looking, gritty set as a backdrop to the cool Nike kicks.

In post-processing, Digital Lead Alex Gumina found that the bright yellow of the sneakers didn’t look ideal against the background. The logos weren’t “reading” in the final photo and the feel was a little off, so he converted the image to black and white to play up the vintage aspect. The monochrome treatment was just right and made those logos POP!

From an open brief to an ultra-specific “mood” created entirely in the studio, our Team takes any concept from origin to exceptional execution. Perhaps anybody can just do it. But WE do it better.

Call us today to find out how we can do it better for your brief, each and every time.



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Footwear Photography – Kate Spade Heels on Ice

Posted on December 9, 2014

A photo of Kate Speed glitter heels in a freezer  — Studio 3, Inc.

One of Studio 3’s specialties is compelling footwear photography -and our Team works tirelessly to come up with new and interesting ways to depict shoes. Because shoe photos can get run-of-the-mill unless presented in a cool (sometimes literally!) way.

The brief was to shoot a really hot pair of Kate Spade heels…in a really cold environment. To juxtapose the literal with the figurative, mix creative concepts, and craft something eye-catching and arresting. The background needed to be drenched in cold, impersonal blue tones, but the shoes needed to look on FIRE. As soon as you flip to this ad in a magazine, these shoes needed to shout: “BUY ME, I’M SASSY!”

Photographer Chris Eltrich was instrumental in bringing this shoot to life: he built the freezer scene from the fridge ground up in order to make those pumps POP. Producer Megan Nolan sourced all the props as well as the [canned] snow for the freezer burn. Originally the model’s hand was bare with icy-colored nails; after feedback we adjusted to have the model wear a sleek evening glove as she grasped the shoe.

In post-processing, Digital Artist Alex Gumina worked to downplay the cool blue tones being thrown onto the shoe from the freezer, and bring the shoe back to life without compromising the frigid background. Placing the shoes in the Studio 3 light box to obtain neutral lighting, and then color matching them in the digital process was the perfect solution. In order to showcase the Kate Spade logo, he also had to recreate the logo separately and adjust the angle and tone to fit the footbed of the shoe. In this way the heel and the brand are the focus, and the background pulls the viewer in and makes them curious enough to pause and wonder what’s afoot.

Does your brand need to warm up your footwear photography with some sassy new concepts? Contact the Studio 3 Team to add that fire to your next campaign. Because ice is nice…but HOT images are our specialty.

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Apparel Photography – Vintage Levi’s Jacket

Posted on September 23, 2014

Jacket Test  — Studio 3, Inc.

Beautiful lines, gorgeous greens, rich wood paneling: all of it harkened back to the days of yesteryear, when times were simpler. The Studio 3 Photography Team aimed to capture the nostalgia and rustic appeal of those times, through artistic prop styling and creating a snapshot of a moment in a day laborer’s life.

Craig Wagner led the shoot, setting the lighting to emulate being out in the hot sun of eastern Oregon. The team sourced a vintage 1976 Chevy Cheyenne truck, a set of barn doors to act as backdrop, and a table full of vintage, time-worn props wrangled by our own queen of vintage Ms. Liz. However after spending most of the day shooting the jacket hanging on the mirror outside the truck it just seemed too predictable, and we wanted something different. After trying countless “ideas” the team settled on a Levi’s denim jacket arranged artfully against the driver’s-side door, creating our ideal apparel photography shot. It worked, and you could feel yourself being out there in the sun. With great photography the post-production was minimal, with minor color adjustment to bring out the swaths of green and blue. And of course just a little snap added to that ever-important little red tab that was created to differentiate Levi’s from its competitors.

Creating the right lighting for this piece was essential to the mood of the finished image. This is how to do it:

What Warm Sunny Lighting?

  • Apply heavy warming gels on the lights
  • Overexpose the lighting on the backdrop by a couple stops while still holding detail in the highlights
  • For the key light: Set up a strobe head with a large reflector (16″-21″) and soften by placing some Diffusion over it
  • Bring up the fill light to show detail in the deeper shadows
  • Control the amount of lens flare using a soft silver card placed just out of frame and hit with a diffused light, bouncing it back into the lens
  • Hire Craig!

Producer: Liz Swales

Prop Styling: Liz Swales

Photographer: Craig Wagner

Photography Assistant: Jonny Brandt

Digital Artist: Alex Gumina

Camera: Hasselblad H4D, 80 mm lens

Lighting: Black Line Speedotron strobes

If you want to differentiate yourself and your clients check out more of our photography and see our advanced lighting techniques in action. Take a gander at our Portfolio (and see if you can spot where our lights were placed!)

And if you’re following us on Twitter, you’ll see much more of our lifestyle photography, product shoots, inspiration, and tips on professional lighting and photography. Check out Studio 3 on Twitter for the lowdown!


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Pick Up The Phone!

Posted on July 8, 2014

Stressed about your company’s visual needs? Would you rather spend time having fun in the sun? Let Studio 3 ease your mind this summer. We’ve been smashing out countless videos back to back, while continuously providing outstanding photography and flawless production. Oh, did we also mention that our digital team is amaze balls? Trust us, you don’t want to be the only tanless, overworked one at the company party because you didn’t know about Studio 3. Save the embarrassment of all the “are you kidding me?” looks. We’ll make sure you meet that crazy deadline. There’s no reason to miss out on all the perks of working with Studio 3. And no reason to keep on reading, you’re wasting precious beach time – make a Pina Colada, and start dialing!! Make that golden phone call!!!

CW 15086T Pop phone PR 1500  — Studio 3, Inc.

And to make it that much easier, if you didn’t have our number yet, here ya go:

Portland Studio 503.238.1748, ask for Dalcetta

Seattle Studio 206.282.0939, ask for Marcella



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#TBT: NIKE, “We Have Liftoff.”

Posted on June 26, 2014

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s….a….Nike Columbia? Reintroducing Nike’s soaring style named after it’s twin, NASAs Space Shuttle Columbia. This ground breaking style, very much like the Columbia Space Shuttle, is meant to endure long (st)rides. In an effort to blast this amazing new running shoe into the world of athleticism and fashion, Nike made sure to run it through several laboratory tests. According to the article below, after more than 800 miles, the shoe proved to show no loss of cushioning and minimal wear on the anatomical outsole. To launch this shoe the right way, David Kennedy, of Wieden & Kennedy, asked our team at Studio 3 to hop on board for this project. We then worked together, and knocked this Nike ad out of this world.

Nike RocketLaunch 009 72dpi  — Studio 3, Inc.

When Studio 3 Lead Photographer, Craig Wagner, was asked to shoot this product – he was excited to the moon and back. Keep in mind, this ad was done in the early ’80s during the pre-digital days.

“We worked with Wieden & Kennedy quite a bit when they first started out. It was great to collaborate again on this project and compile an image together before the era of digital technology. Wieden & Kennedy provided the idea and the stock image of NASAs Columbia Space Shuttle. I shot this on a Sinar 4×5. This was actually my first time taking an image and lighting the product to match.”

Taking a flight back in time with this ad shows that our capabilities and imagination are beyond the world of digital art and computer technology. A little bit of old fashion simplicity and creativity, in this day in age and in the future, can still do the trick. Call us to find out how we can provide you with a stellar production.



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Spring Into Style With Keds!

Posted on April 29, 2014

Spring means a lot of things: blooming flowers, constant showers, and our favorite… spring-cleaning. Now, before you decide to write us off as crazy, it’s important to consider the positive outcomes that spring-cleaning can bring. In the best-case scenario, you will open up your closet (that by now looks worse than the aftermath of “Twister”), throw away your worn-out kicks and threads, and HOPEFULLY replace them with new ones. However, in the chance that you experience the worst case scenario… Well, we can’t help you with that. BUT we can produce some pretty sick photography and would LOVE to use your closet as a still-life, that is if nothing is growing in it. But, for the sake of helping you spring into style, let’s just say this is a best case scenario. So get ready to do a little seasonal shopping! With that said, let us introduce you to our favorite spring essential, one the most emblematic shoes in history, the Keds’ classic Champion Sneaker. Keds  — Studio 3, Inc.

This undying style was captured by lead shooter, Craig Wagner. Craig created this elegant black and white image by doing what he does best: applying  just the right amount of light and shadow for a flawless, timeless look. However, Craig isn’t the only star in this production. Did we mention our Portland Studio Producer, Liz the Whiz, is building her hand and foot modeling portfolio? If you want these photogenic stems in your next shoot, contact Studio 3 for bookings. You hear us Keds!? To put it plain and simple, if you’re one of those spring-cleaner’s out there who happens to own a pair of stylish Keds, let us be the first to admit it’s not always necessary to say “goodbye” to the old. Unless you don’t own a pair. In that case, get to cleaning your closet and say “HELLO” to the new!  Get off on the right foot this morning and go get yourself a pair of Keds… the only shoe worthy enough to pass under the spring cleaning radar.

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Throw “Back Alley” Thursday!

Posted on April 24, 2014

There were a lot of good things in the ’80s, like “Pee-Wee’s Playhouse” on Saturday mornings, neon Vuarnet t-shirts with acid washed jeans, and of course, “Mr. T Cereal.” But, there’s still one thing that beats all the rest… and no, it’s not the Richard Simmons Show (even though you were close if that’s what you were thinking). When it comes to the ‘80s, it’s all about the bodacious babes.

Quinton ClubTrack 3.0  — Studio 3, Inc.

With that said, let’s throw it back to the “hair-raising” era of the ‘80s for a totally tubular production with Quinton Cardiology Systems Inc, who is now in merger with Cardiac Science Inc. If you weren’t pumpin’ it in your living room to a Jane Fonda aerobic video, you were gearin’ up in the brightest ensemble with a pair of fabulous leg warmers to hit the gym. Every ‘babe’ was an accessory to any open treadmill around. This bad bod was captured at the end of the decade by our one and only, Lead Shooter Craig Wagner, who has an exceptionally keen eye for lighting. Craig recalls that this sultry production showcasing Quinton’s “Clubtrack” Treadmill, was made possible by an extensive amount of electric light generators and the edgy alleyways of our beloved Emerald City. But he says the REAL star of the show was the ever trending smoke machine which was infamous for adding a retro effect in almost every “mysteriously fab” ’80s photo/video.  Fun photo shoots like this were no rarity for Studio 3… and this one represents the epitome of the ’80s.

Now, we hope you’re feeling inspired. Get off your computer and GET PHYSICAL!




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