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Pick Up The Phone!

Posted on July 8, 2014

Stressed about your company’s visual needs? Would you rather spend time having fun in the sun? Let Studio 3 ease your mind this summer. We’ve been smashing out countless videos back to back, while continuously providing outstanding photography and flawless production. Oh, did we also mention that our digital team is amaze balls? Trust us, you don’t want to be the only tanless, overworked one at the company party because you didn’t know about Studio 3. Save the embarrassment of all the “are you kidding me?” looks. We’ll make sure you meet that crazy deadline. There’s no reason to miss out on all the perks of working with Studio 3. And no reason to keep on reading, you’re wasting precious beach time – make a Pina Colada, and start dialing!! Make that golden phone call!!!

CW 15086T Pop phone PR 1500  — Studio 3, Inc.

And to make it that much easier, if you didn’t have our number yet, here ya go:

Portland Studio 503.238.1748, ask for Dalcetta

Seattle Studio 206.282.0939, ask for Marcella



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#TBT: NIKE, “We Have Liftoff.”

Posted on June 26, 2014

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s….a….Nike Columbia? Reintroducing Nike’s soaring style named after it’s twin, NASAs Space Shuttle Columbia. This ground breaking style, very much like the Columbia Space Shuttle, is meant to endure long (st)rides. In an effort to blast this amazing new running shoe into the world of athleticism and fashion, Nike made sure to run it through several laboratory tests. According to the article below, after more than 800 miles, the shoe proved to show no loss of cushioning and minimal wear on the anatomical outsole. To launch this shoe the right way, David Kennedy, of Wieden & Kennedy, asked our team at Studio 3 to hop on board for this project. We then worked together, and knocked this Nike ad out of this world.

Nike RocketLaunch 009 72dpi  — Studio 3, Inc.

When Studio 3 Lead Photographer, Craig Wagner, was asked to shoot this product – he was excited to the moon and back. Keep in mind, this ad was done in the early ’80s during the pre-digital days.

“We worked with Wieden & Kennedy quite a bit when they first started out. It was great to collaborate again on this project and compile an image together before the era of digital technology. Wieden & Kennedy provided the idea and the stock image of NASAs Columbia Space Shuttle. I shot this on a Sinar 4×5. This was actually my first time taking an image and lighting the product to match.”

Taking a flight back in time with this ad shows that our capabilities and imagination are beyond the world of digital art and computer technology. A little bit of old fashion simplicity and creativity, in this day in age and in the future, can still do the trick. Call us to find out how we can provide you with a stellar production.



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Spring Into Style With Keds!

Posted on April 29, 2014

Spring means a lot of things: blooming flowers, constant showers, and our favorite… spring-cleaning. Now, before you decide to write us off as crazy, it’s important to consider the positive outcomes that spring-cleaning can bring. In the best-case scenario, you will open up your closet (that by now looks worse than the aftermath of “Twister”), throw away your worn-out kicks and threads, and HOPEFULLY replace them with new ones. However, in the chance that you experience the worst case scenario… Well, we can’t help you with that. BUT we can produce some pretty sick photography and would LOVE to use your closet as a still-life, that is if nothing is growing in it. But, for the sake of helping you spring into style, let’s just say this is a best case scenario. So get ready to do a little seasonal shopping! With that said, let us introduce you to our favorite spring essential, one the most emblematic shoes in history, the Keds’ classic Champion Sneaker. Keds  — Studio 3, Inc.

This undying style was captured by lead shooter, Craig Wagner. Craig created this elegant black and white image by doing what he does best: applying  just the right amount of light and shadow for a flawless, timeless look. However, Craig isn’t the only star in this production. Did we mention our Portland Studio Producer, Liz the Whiz, is building her hand and foot modeling portfolio? If you want these photogenic stems in your next shoot, contact Studio 3 for bookings. You hear us Keds!? To put it plain and simple, if you’re one of those spring-cleaner’s out there who happens to own a pair of stylish Keds, let us be the first to admit it’s not always necessary to say “goodbye” to the old. Unless you don’t own a pair. In that case, get to cleaning your closet and say “HELLO” to the new!  Get off on the right foot this morning and go get yourself a pair of Keds… the only shoe worthy enough to pass under the spring cleaning radar.

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Throw “Back Alley” Thursday!

Posted on April 24, 2014

There were a lot of good things in the ’80s, like “Pee-Wee’s Playhouse” on Saturday mornings, neon Vuarnet t-shirts with acid washed jeans, and of course, “Mr. T Cereal.” But, there’s still one thing that beats all the rest… and no, it’s not the Richard Simmons Show (even though you were close if that’s what you were thinking). When it comes to the ‘80s, it’s all about the bodacious babes.

Quinton ClubTrack 3.0  — Studio 3, Inc.

With that said, let’s throw it back to the “hair-raising” era of the ‘80s for a totally tubular production with Quinton Cardiology Systems Inc, who is now in merger with Cardiac Science Inc. If you weren’t pumpin’ it in your living room to a Jane Fonda aerobic video, you were gearin’ up in the brightest ensemble with a pair of fabulous leg warmers to hit the gym. Every ‘babe’ was an accessory to any open treadmill around. This bad bod was captured at the end of the decade by our one and only, Lead Shooter Craig Wagner, who has an exceptionally keen eye for lighting. Craig recalls that this sultry production showcasing Quinton’s “Clubtrack” Treadmill, was made possible by an extensive amount of electric light generators and the edgy alleyways of our beloved Emerald City. But he says the REAL star of the show was the ever trending smoke machine which was infamous for adding a retro effect in almost every “mysteriously fab” ’80s photo/video.  Fun photo shoots like this were no rarity for Studio 3… and this one represents the epitome of the ’80s.

Now, we hope you’re feeling inspired. Get off your computer and GET PHYSICAL!




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It’s About That Time..

Posted on March 11, 2014

We’re springing forward with new technology! Studio 3 is keeping up with the recent time change with the new Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch! Inspired by losing an hour this past weekend, we thought we would focus on the hottest watch around. According to the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, wearable devices are catapulting into todays market! This snazzy timepiece is compatible with the Galaxy Note 3 and other Galaxy smartphones. You can place and answer calls directly from your wrist, how crazy is that!? With this clean accessory, you get style and substance. Pairing with that, we had Senior Shooter David Bell work his magic with lighting to enhance the clean smooth timepiece of the future. Once the smartwatch presented itself as inspiration, we had David Bell run with it:

“Hip and happening are always connected, you gotta love technology! Very cool Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch that keeps you connected all day. The shot is inspired by the fact that it works where you are. Clean and simple, like the watch.”
SQI  — Studio 3, Inc.

Excited about the new wearable technology addition to our wardrobe, Studio 3 did some research on what this sexy little device can offer. Check out this commercial showing the ‘Evolution’ of the dreamed about futuristic watch that became real…

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A Trip Down Memory Lane, In Freightliner Trucks! #TBT

Posted on February 27, 2014

Freightliner  — Studio 3, Inc.

A trip down memory lane takes us back to summer of 1983, and we’re in the middle of the Alvord Desert. For a few years around this time, we’ve been shooting calendars for Freightliner Trucks in-studio. These trucks were a work of art, show-trucks that were built and painted particularly to collaborate with the themes of each year’s calendar. But it was time for something new and fresh! This was our first attempt to shoot the calendar on location. Tom Stuart, our lead photographer at the time, scouted a few places that’ll be a great large flat space to offer beautiful surroundings to match the hues and beauty of the models and show-trucks we were shooting. So we arrived at Alvord Desert! Tom Stuart and our current Lead Shooter Craig Wagner, geared up, packed the studio van, grip truck, two RVs, and three 1984 Freightliner beauty trucks. They headed to the desert with two clients, three assistants, three models, a hair and make up stylist, and 3 truck drivers in tow.

Freightliner  — Studio 3, Inc.

For a week, our crew, clients, models, truck drivers, and stylist camped in the dessert shooting at sunrise and sunset and finding time in between to soak up the scenery and it’s activities. While our clients, models, and stylist camped in the two RV’s, the truck drivers slept in the semi-truck sleepers and Studio 3 rolled out our sleeping bags without hesitation, and slept under the stars.

Freightliner  — Studio 3, Inc.Freightliner  — Studio 3, Inc.

The fun didn’t stop with shooting during the beautiful hours of sunrise and sunset. Thanks to the wind and rain, most of the day was spent getting equipment set up, with our crew jogging for a quarter of a mile at a time to retrieve our belongings. When we weren’t running for our lives, or shooting with the sun’s timing, the crew was enjoying BBQ’s, the local farmers hospitality with horseback riding, and dipping into the hot springs. With that said, take us back to the summer of 1983!

Freightliner  — Studio 3, Inc.Freightliner  — Studio 3, Inc.


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The Sweet Change Of Seasons!!

Posted on February 4, 2014

darkwood4  — Studio 3, Inc.

In the change of seasons, we at Studio 3 like to capture the highlights of what each period has to offer. Here, we’ve highlighted the rustic winter feel with its bright beautiful contributions. Senior Shooter David Bell goes in depth about his inspiration behind the shoot:

“This is one of a series of 4 shots. The harvest season was coming to an end, winter was starting to set in. I wanted to show the beauty and pretty color of the season. The dark wood and lighting with longer shadows is indicative of winter. The sun is low and we have shortened days with more darkness. Within this is the pop of colors of the season. I am always so happy to see the Satsumas return to the market. They are so bright, sweet and refreshing. The bright green leaves contrasting against the bright orange is always a treat. The rich red color of local Tart Cranberries along with sweet earthy brown Chestnuts make for delicious feast to the taste and eyes.

Pretty dappled lighting created in studio with strobe light captured with a Hasselblad camera with a longer lens to compress the elements. Bringing all of this together.”

– David Bell

Below, are the rest of the series. These gorgeous shots embody everything David spoke of. What a great way to bring bold and beautiful color to a dark and cold season. The pop of color helps us prepare for what the upcoming seasons will bring! While we wait for the sunshine, it’s warmth, gardens of colorful flowers and bold greenery to make it’s comeback; we can thank David for reminding us to skip the hot chocolate and slices of pie every once in a while, and enjoy the sweet delicacies that nature has to offer during the winter season.

darkwood1  — Studio 3, Inc.darkwood3  — Studio 3, Inc.darkwood2  — Studio 3, Inc.

Happy sweet change of seasons!!!

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Commercial Lifestyle Photographer Matt Jebbia Summer Fun!

Posted on July 2, 2013

This shoot was a fun collaboration between many of us here at the studio. What made it work was having access to some great vintage props, a great model and a perfect morning of Seattle summer weather. A few words from Commercial Lifestyle Photographer Matt Jebbia!

We came up with the concept of using Dick’s burgers due to the upcoming 60th anniversary of “Dick’s Drive-In”, and we were lucky that fellow Studio 3’s Commercial Product Photographer David Bell had the perfect vintage VW that he allowed us to use.

Commercial Lifestyle Photographer  — Studio 3, Inc.

Since we were a bit worried about taking this awesome vintage car on location I decided to use the Studio 3 parking lot. It provided a nice backdrop and allowed us to utilize some studio equipment that would have been harder to use out on location.

We set up a 6×12 foot sail in the parking lot that helped to diffuse the harsh noon sun, added a medium soft-box to add some light to our models face, and played around with some different camera angles and props to bring this shoot to life.  We use a variety of camera systems at Studio 3 but for this shoot I opted to use the Hasselblad H2d with an 80mm lens.  It’s not my camera of choice for location shoots but since we were 10 feet from the studio door it made it easy to use and allowed us to shoot tethered for quick image review.

Commercial Lifestyle Photographer  — Studio 3, Inc.

I have a coca cola image in my portfolio already and decided to add the coke bottle at the end of the shoot, just to add a different prop and I felt that we had the perfect model, vehicle, and location to make it work. It was a bit stressful working so closely with a vintage convertible owned by our Senior Photographer. But once we all got into the flow of creating the perfect shot, it all seemed to come together. And luckily for all of us no vehicles were damaged in the process!

Commercial Lifestyle Photographer  — Studio 3, Inc.

To view more Commercial Lifestyle images created at Studio 3, Inc. click here!

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Product Photographer Matt Jebbia Dior Brush!

Posted on February 19, 2013

Product Photographer Matt Jebbia set out with a goal of showing movement in a still object. His inspiration of the beauty product industry shines below in his latest image.  Read below for a few words from Matt.

Its well known around the studio that I have a little fetish for beauty products.  Not for personal use per se, but I find them a lot of fun to photograph.  For one there are so many different varieties, with all kinds of colors, glass, metals, and plastics to choose from.  I started a few months ago shooting a couple of Dior products and decided to continue to add to my portfolio with this Dior brush.  My goal with this image was to add to the current series of beauty product images centered around the Dior brand and I wanted to add some life to the Dior brush given that it’s a static object.

Product Photographer  — Studio 3, Inc.

So I decided to throw some powder onto the brush and blow it away.  I started by setting up two rim lights accenting the brush from just behind and to the right and left side of the brush.  Studio 3’s photographer – David Bell uses this lighting setup for some of his shoots and I decided it would work perfectly for the image I wanted to create.  Adding a small silver reflector in front of the camera added some light to the front of the brush and brought out the silver tones in the brush banding.  With the static image in place I added powder to the top of the brush and a Nikon SB 800 speed-light from below to add some light to the powder as I blew it off the brush with canned air.  It took a bit of trial and error to get the desired powder bursts, but in the end I loved several of the captures so much I decided to have our amazing digital artists composite several of the powder bursts into the final image. – Matt Jebbia

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Product Photographer Matt Jebbia Hydrate for Life!

Posted on January 8, 2013

Product Photographer Matt Jebbia puts his creative skills to use by breathing life into an ordinary subject.  Utilizing water to help add drama and movement brings this image to life.  Read below for a few words on this shoot by photographer Matt Jebbia.

Working with glass objects is probably one of my favorite products to work with.  That combined with water just always seems to enhance an image and bring the subject to life.  I planned the image out in my mind and on paper but it wasn’t until I assisted Studio3 photographer Craig Wagner on a Nixon watch photo shoot incorporating splash photography that I was able to create this image exactly the way I had envisioned.  In a previous blog post we mentioned a shoot that Craig Wagner and I participated in utilizing the Broncolor Scoro S power packs.  We suspended objects in a water tank and dropped objects into a water tank and captured splash images.  Before striking that set I decided it was my time to finish this image the way I had planned.

Product Photographer  — Studio 3, Inc.

I suspended the Dior Hydra-life product from a piece of round plexi into the 33 gallon tank upside down. I know in previous attempts that dropping an object like this into water is a time consuming adventure so I decided for this image to suspend it.  I really only wanted the object to have nice lighting and the real splash came when I removed the Dior bottle and went to work on the perfect water ripple.

To get the perfect water ripple we used a small eyedropper and a cup full of water.  I did several takes but as it works out sometimes the perfect shot is usually the first.  When our digital team and I began working on the retouching I thought something was just missing from the final image.  So I asked our Digital Artist Alex to create a droplet of water suspended and falling off the side of the Dior bottle.  I think with that addition it brought the whole image together.  – Matt Jebbia

To see more images in the Dior Collection photographed by Matt Jebbia click here!

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