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Stepping On-Location with Studio 3, Inc.

Posted on April 10, 2017

Three weeks into the job and it was time for my first on-location shoot with Studio 3, Inc. I boarded Bolt Bus, a company favorite, and set off for Seattle eager to see Studio 3, Inc.’s cool studio space in the shadow of the Space Needle.

Screen Shot 2017 04 05 at 12.59.41 PM  — Studio 3, Inc.

The day started with Chanel Everett, the studio’s Princess of Production, hand selecting an Adidas wardrobe that interpreted the clients’ art direction. With a mood board compiled of different lifestyle, apparel and shoe photography we set off for the previously scouted Seattle setting.

Screen Shot 2017 04 05 at 1.01.40 PM  — Studio 3, Inc.

Two vintage cars, a cooler, breakfast, lunch, snacks, racks of athletic apparel dope enough to make any rapper weep, and the slaying photography skills of Studio 3, Inc.’s Trevor Boone—all the ingredients needed for success. I loved the Seattle cityscape, lifestyle photography theme and getting to assist with production stills.

Screen Shot 2017 04 05 at 1.00.01 PM  — Studio 3, Inc.

The location was picked to compliment the Seattle rapper’s song “Hometown.” Bringing the urban background of the city into portrait photography, Trevor Boone was able to capture stunning duality that showcased not only his professional talent, but the personality of Raz Simone and an edge to Adidas footwear photography.

Screen Shot 2017 04 05 at 1.00.20 PM  — Studio 3, Inc.

Images just came through the Studio 3, Inc. digital team and we are stoked! Our in house digital department works closely with our photographers and marketing team—removing power lines, alleyway undesirables, and bringing the client’s vision to life every time. Check out a few of our favorite shots from the day.

Screen Shot 2017 04 05 at 1.00.58 PM  — Studio 3, Inc.

We will be dropping more images from the shoot, so be sure to follow us on twitter, Instagram and Facebook. When you decide to become a part of the fun, give us a call or stop by one of our studios to talk photography, video and serious retouching skills.

Screen Shot 2017 04 05 at 1.01.14 PM  — Studio 3, Inc.

Screen Shot 2017 04 05 at 1.01.50 PM  — Studio 3, Inc.

Written by: Eva Goldfarb, Marketing Coordinator @ Studio 3, Inc.

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Spirit Week in the Studio

Posted on September 26, 2016

Ready? OKAY!

In the Studio with Dehen  — Studio 3, Inc.

Our PDX location had its very own Spirit Week as Dehen Cheer paid us a visit. Dehen manufactures custom cheer and dance uniforms. Thusly our spacious, new northeast studio was overtaken by color, hairspray, pom poms and tons of pep!

Maekup time in Studio Dehen  — Studio 3, Inc.

Glamourous photoshoots require glamourous setups. There was no shortage of makeup on hand. Our studio has lots natural light to get the models camera ready.

Dehen Studio homework  — Studio 3, Inc.

Being a high schooler on the set doesn’t mean getting the day off. These young women were hard at work in between shots. We asked what their favorite part of being in the studio was:
“There are so many good snacks!”
“Getting to know others teams outside of the competition.”
“I can nap on the couch until it’s my turn to be in front of the camera!”

Cheer rex  — Studio 3, Inc.

Emerson showing off her patented “Cheer-Rex” pose.

We love working with kids! Emerson, the youngest person at the photoshoot, had a lot to say regarding her first modeling gig: “It is exciting. I like when they did my hair. Everyone is kind here and it is fun” adding, “I hope to get into karate next year.”

Big, grand productions are a specialty of ours at both the Portland and Seattle locations!  We are more than a photo studio; let us handle the model releases, food, and all other behind-the-scenes needs. Give us a call and take over our studio.

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Curing Those Winter Blues

Posted on January 13, 2016

Curing the winter blues can be a daunting task. Everywhere we look people are giving advice. Bake cakes, learn to knit, read 500 books, you know, the works. After awhile, you’ll realize nothing is kicking that booty into gear. That’s why we’re here to help.  Introducing 5 things YOU can do to cure your winter blues, S3 style.

Think none of your photos are turning out nicely because of those gloomy and dark skies? Think again when you look at this beautiful beverage, taken right here at Studio 3 – ice cold, smooth, and ready for you to take a sip. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate is the buzz word for 2016 – it’ll help the hibernation process go a bit smoother.

Oh, do you think this would count as bottled water in San Francisco?

water carton black white  — Studio 3, Inc.

Find yourself a Marquis Swim Spa – it’s the ultimate experience, and will seriously enhance your lifestyle. (PS. you’re doubly lucky to find one indoors).

Marquis Spas  — Studio 3, Inc.

Let’s take a moment and thank the powers that be for the piles and piles of snow on our PNW mountains. This weekend when you get out your board and hit the slopes, look your best and we’ll meet you on location (great natural light), and don’t forget the outdoor clothing.

winter snowboard blue  — Studio 3, Inc.

Don’t give up on your exercise routine even if that glance outside makes you want to throw down your running sneakers and make a b-line for the couch. There’s plenty of places for indoor running in Portland & Seattle. With the faint hum of a heater, it’ll feel warm and sunny inside. Another tip: run the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Your thighs will thank us later.

running indoors bridge   — Studio 3, Inc.

Last but certainly not least, when did square dancing NOT become a thing?!? Let’s bring it back, people!  Make sure to read the “Square Dance Do’s and Don’t,” and bring out the poodle skirts, pettipants and professional low-heeled shoes.

sqaure dancing twirl blue yellow  — Studio 3, Inc.
Don’t be a square. Twist, turn, and twirl your way over to Studio 3 for a kick-ass time.

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17 Ways to Get Your Clients to Love You: A Studio 3 Guide

Posted on August 12, 2015

Collage of Studio 3, Inc. team member employee portraits  — Studio 3, Inc.We’ve been in business a long time, working with some clients for a decade or more. To us, the client relationship is paramount, and we go above and beyond to nurture it. What would you experience if you were a client of ours? Here are some direct quotes from our Team Members about what we mean when we speak of “Studio 3 Customer Service:”

Client Relationship Manager Jessica Lynes:

We take the time to anticipate our clients’ needs, ensuring that they have exactly what they need/want before they even know that they need or want it!

We always have their “favorites” when they’re here: foods, drinks, music, etc. is met with a “Wow! Thank you so much, I can’t believe you remembered!”

Portland Producer Liz Swales:

We get the client’s job done: efficiently, flawlessly, and simply, while exceeding their their expectations.

We take care of them like royalty…AKA feeding them fun and amazing food!

Chaos Wrangler Niki Gillespie:

We streamline the behind-the-scenes details to ensure the smoothest client experience. Clients love our process but never are over-aware of it. No bottlenecks.

Seattle Producer Kaitlin McMillan:

We will do anything! If the client wants it done, we’ll get it done for them – no hesitation or questions. Any budget, any client, any person, any product… we have a solution for even the most difficult of requests.

We create an “atmosphere” while a client is on set: you can bring your laptop and do work, you can play ping pong when you’re just here tagging along for a shoot, you can watch the news and drink coffee with your feet up on a couch. We inspire creativity and hard work all while in great company.

Digital Artist Carl Beery:

Clients appreciate our experience in pre-media print and web production. Knowing how print collateral and websites are built helps me ask the right questions before problems arise.

Years of experience interpreting markup also helps us make the edits that clients want to see, ensuring a flawless final outcome for all.

Digital Artist Tom Radio:

We make the impossible POSSIBLE when it comes to post-production!

Video Director David King:

We care about building relationships throughout the creative process and we keep client satisfaction as our #1 goal.

Photographer David Bell:

Listen. Pay Attention. Make them the most important thing happening then and there. Make it fun.

Photographer Craig Wagner:

We always try to give our clients more than what they’re initially asking for (like different angles on the same setup), and we are ultimately flexible when working. We won’t consider the creative brief set in stone, and are bold enough to run with an idea, which clients appreciate on set.

Photographer and Studio 3 co-founder Henry Ngan:

By offering them any level of service they need to make their projects a success.

By thinking out of the box creatively to provide a unique vision and fresh look.

Photographer and Studio 3 co-founder Jim Felt:

We always follow through on our promises.

We care about the future relationship with every single client. We value their friendship and the ability to create fun images for them. We are proud of our relationship with each and every client, large or small.

Can’t wait to experience what it’s like to be a Studio 3 client? Reach out and bring us your next project. You’ll experience all of the above…and more.

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Before & After: Put Your Best Foot Forward with Studio 3’s Shoe Photography Retouching

Posted on July 18, 2015

before and after brooks sneakers retouching shoe photography studio 3  — Studio 3, Inc.Shooting modern athletic sneakers is actually a complex art. Studio 3, Inc. has shot a variety of footwear over the many decades we’ve been in business – in fact, shoe photography is one of our specialties!

The colors in modern sneakers pose many issues for post-processing and retouching work. Why? Because the 80’s are back to stay – and the eye-searing bright neons, pops of complimentary color, and swaths of new textures can fight for dominance in the photograph. Placed side-by-side the different colors and textures are a major selling point for the discerning consumer…but for the photographer they can be a real challenge to shoot in a way so they appear true-to-life and inviting. Also, the product itself may have certain areas that are less than perfect as-is. Enter the essential Digital Artist, who in post-processing gives all those design details the Studio 3 treatment to make them cohesive and the product a total stand-out.

Brooks Macros  — Studio 3, Inc.

The Before photo: color looks a little “flat” in areas; adjacent color bleeds; seams need smoothing; small surface imperfections; reflective areas too reflective; logo appears not to as a solid color.

Even with our photography professionals’ extensive lighting and shooting experience, straight out of camera the sneaker presents some issues that a skilled retoucher must address before the photo can truly be called “finished.”

First the minor surface imperfections need to be addressed, including glue in the seams, divots in plastic areas, seams not appearing smooth, stitches being askew, and texture not “reading” when on a reflective part. Then the major color-correction work begins: blacks are darkened to appear “true;” color is mixed with complementary colors to tone down the brightness in some areas. Colors bleeding into areas they shouldn’t are smoothed out and toned down. Any colors that appear washed-out or with other underlying color tones are saturated more to appear more vivid.Brooks Macros  — Studio 3, Inc.

The After: the sneaker appears bright and perfect, just as the brand envisioned.

Then finally the entire sneaker was “knocked-out” (i.e., isolated from its surroundings) in order to be placed onto a clean black background for the client.

Do you see the difference? Which sneaker looks nicer, more vibrant, cooler? Which one do you think a shopper would be more drawn to? Don’t let your images fall prey to the “oh, it looks good enough” syndrome…make sure they POP with Studio 3’s retouching capabilities. Give us a ring to see how we can make your footwear FLY.

Brooks running sneakers shot by Jonny Brandt. Post-processing retouching work by Digital Artist Carl Beery.


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Footwear Photography – Jimmy Choo x Voodoo Donuts

Posted on June 30, 2015

Open box of Voodoo Doughnuts with crumbling half eaten donuts and silver snakeskin Jimmy Choo heels on the table  — Studio 3, Inc.

Sometimes a concept has to take a number of disparate elements and meld them together into a cohesive whole. It can be a challenge when dealing with tiny details that can make or break your vignette. When it comes to taking care of all the elements that appear in the photo, WE style it so everything appears at its best.

Take this Voodoo Doughnuts and Jimmy Choo heels project: a footwear photography meets food photography mashup with a Studio 3 spin. Voodoo Doughnuts, an iconic Portland mainstay for quirky and delicious donuts, mixes with Jimmy Choo, an iconic upscale shoe brand exemplifying everything that is luxury. Our Team has years of experience in staging props in a way that feels consistent within a single image. Captured by Photographer Matt Jebbia in a studio-designed environment with a studio lighting setup mimicking early morning sunshine, every element in the frame was artfully arranged to keep the viewer’s eye moving through the photo. Every crumb, every morsel, every donut, every prop: angles, shadows, colors, textures, and sizes were chosen specifically to show each piece at its best and tell a story.

What story do you see when you look at this photo?

And, more importantly, how can we style YOUR images to create an unforgettable iconic story? Reach out and see. We’ll have the donuts ready.

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Footwear Photography – Nike Running Sneakers

Posted on June 23, 2015

Close up of runners feet wearing orange and blue Nike running sneakers, running down urban walkway  — Studio 3, Inc.

Stuck in the creative process? Need a visual partner that really gets your brand and your customers? You can bring any brief to us, and we’ll collaborate with you to create the best imagery yet. You want to choose Studio 3, Inc. because no matter the idea, WE run with it.

One of our main areas of focus is footwear photography – and being located in the footwear capital of the U.S. is no accident. (Headquartered in Portland, Oregon we have Nike, Adidas, Columbia, and KEEN, just to name a few of the giants…not to mention Bogs, Skora, and On.) Studio 3 shoots all brands of footwear, big and little (and right and left), from rugged outdoor boots to sleek stiletto heels to high-performance sneakers. These Nike running sneakers, photographed by Matt Jebbia, were shot to showcase the product in action, creating in-camera motion blur to make the image lively and energetic. Do you feel how the Nikes energize the photo – and how your eye is instinctively drawn to them as a moth to a flame?

You can get your product photography done by just anyone, or you can get it shot by a company that lights your brand on fire. Call Studio 3, Inc. We’ll help you cross the finish line with our sizzling images.

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Shoe Photography – Danner Boots

Posted on March 10, 2015

Mens Danner Williams Boots shoe photography shot by Studio 3  — Studio 3, Inc.

No matter the subject, Studio 3 shines a light on great photography and lifestyle setups that put the WOW in the everyday.

These Danner 6″ Oiled Black Boots just begged to be shot in an environment with moody lighting that reflected their rugged toughness, and Photographer Craig Wagner styled an entire garage set around them for that specific purpose. Placing our Video Director David King‘s Suzuki TU250X motorcycle in the background, he created a monochromatic set filled with blacks and browns to bring out the colors in the shoes. With overhead Speedotrons, Craig focused spotlight-style lighting on the boots in the foreground. The profile and oiled leather grain of the boots required a treatment as if photographing a high-end car, he noted, which he accomplished by choosing the ideal amount of reflectors and kickers to highlight those curves and wood grain heels. A vintage shoe-shine tote with buffs and waxes completes the story: a guy tinkering on his bike in his garage stops to give his favorite Danner boots a polish before setting out for a ride on the open country.

What resulted is a shoe photography shot where the gloss of these boots highlights their shape, workmanship, and durability…stopping anyone in their tracks, wanting to try those boots on and head out for an adventure.Studio 3 Shoe Photography Danner Boots  — Studio 3, Inc.

Ready for YOUR next adventure? Call Studio 3: WE Light It, WE make it look great, WE showcase YOUR product in the best light. Give us a call at (503) 238-1748 in Portland, or (206) 282-0939 in Seattle to experience it.



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WE Do It Better

Posted on March 3, 2015

Studio 3 show photography vintage Nike sneakers  — Studio 3, Inc.

Why chose Studio 3? Because whatever you want done, WE help you do it better.

Take this shot of vintage Nikes, for example. The brief was to take a fresh approach with footwear photography and shooting a pair of vintage Nike sneakers – so the Team created a very gritty-looking night environment to showcase the shoes. But the idea was to keep the setup looking as un-styled as possible, like the person had just kicked the shoes off and they landed exactly as they did. The Team was striving for a moody atmosphere, so having reflections throughout helped underscore that mood. The “street” locale was, however, created entirely in-house. Photographer Chris Eltrich laid out 4′ by 8′ of bricks to make the paving stones, pouring sand in-between them to look like grout, and finished them off with some large pavers for the “sidewalk.” He wet the set with a spray bottle to create those reflections, which proved a challenge due to to the bricks and sand absorbing the water. He had to spray continuously all the way down to the moment he clicked the shutter, or everything would dry. All the work paid off in the end and resulted in a wet-looking, gritty set as a backdrop to the cool Nike kicks.

In post-processing, Digital Lead Alex Gumina found that the bright yellow of the sneakers didn’t look ideal against the background. The logos weren’t “reading” in the final photo and the feel was a little off, so he converted the image to black and white to play up the vintage aspect. The monochrome treatment was just right and made those logos POP!

From an open brief to an ultra-specific “mood” created entirely in the studio, our Team takes any concept from origin to exceptional execution. Perhaps anybody can just do it. But WE do it better.

Call us today to find out how we can do it better for your brief, each and every time.



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Footwear Photography – Kate Spade Heels on Ice

Posted on December 9, 2014

A photo of Kate Speed glitter heels in a freezer  — Studio 3, Inc.

One of Studio 3’s specialties is compelling footwear photography -and our Team works tirelessly to come up with new and interesting ways to depict shoes. Because shoe photos can get run-of-the-mill unless presented in a cool (sometimes literally!) way.

The brief was to shoot a really hot pair of Kate Spade heels…in a really cold environment. To juxtapose the literal with the figurative, mix creative concepts, and craft something eye-catching and arresting. The background needed to be drenched in cold, impersonal blue tones, but the shoes needed to look on FIRE. As soon as you flip to this ad in a magazine, these shoes needed to shout: “BUY ME, I’M SASSY!”

Photographer Chris Eltrich was instrumental in bringing this shoot to life: he built the freezer scene from the fridge ground up in order to make those pumps POP. Producer Megan Nolan sourced all the props as well as the [canned] snow for the freezer burn. Originally the model’s hand was bare with icy-colored nails; after feedback we adjusted to have the model wear a sleek evening glove as she grasped the shoe.

In post-processing, Digital Artist Alex Gumina worked to downplay the cool blue tones being thrown onto the shoe from the freezer, and bring the shoe back to life without compromising the frigid background. Placing the shoes in the Studio 3 light box to obtain neutral lighting, and then color matching them in the digital process was the perfect solution. In order to showcase the Kate Spade logo, he also had to recreate the logo separately and adjust the angle and tone to fit the footbed of the shoe. In this way the heel and the brand are the focus, and the background pulls the viewer in and makes them curious enough to pause and wonder what’s afoot.

Does your brand need to warm up your footwear photography with some sassy new concepts? Contact the Studio 3 Team to add that fire to your next campaign. Because ice is nice…but HOT images are our specialty.

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